Antalya, What a Lovely City

Antalya: What a Lovely City.

On the Mediterrane coast of Turkey, the Antalya city takes place and it is like created for traveling due to its stunning beaches, unique coves, breathtaking ancient sites, full of surprises nightlife, and ravishing waterfalls, fauna. According to my experience, it will be better to see amazing coves by joining an Antalya Boat Tour. The city is rich in waterfalls, so a waterfall tour can be an easier way to see them instead of renting a car and getting lost on the maps. Kaleici, the old city, I mean, is accessible on foot and has great historical structures worth seeing. 

#1: Antalya: The Capital City of Turkish Tourism

Before coming here, I read an article that said “Antalya is the capital city of tourism in Turkey”. My first impressions do agree, actually. By looking at the people downtown, I knew there were so many tourists, but to my surprise, despite the crowd, the city seemed to be quite hassle-free. Speaking of downtown, for sure, Kaleici is one of the main attractions. A great place to have a walk, stroll around local bazaars, taste local food and sweets such as doner, baklava, Turkish delights, etc., and buy souvenirs. I was pretty impressed to see how vibrant the place is.