Do You Think Turkey Tourism Is Too Good to Be True? Here is Some Fresh News for You…

Summer has already come, from backpackers to luxury lovers, travelers have started to make travel plans. When we consider the COVID and long quarantine processes, precautions, hygiene procedures, masks, and contamination fears, it seems that this summer is going to be a relaxing and more comfortable one. The good news is coming from Turkey’s most touristic cities, which are giving the clues that this summer is going to be a remarkable one, plus it will help to forget and get away from the pandemic. 

Ortakoy Mosque is one of a series of historic monuments adorning the Bosphorus, also known as the Buyuk Mecidiye Mosque

Bodrum Will Welcome The British Travelers in 2022


The first news is from Mugla, few days ago, British Ambassador Sir Dominick Chilcott paid a visit to Mugla Governor Orhan Tavli on May 10, 2022. He stated that the British love Mugla and Turkey very much and they are expecting more than 1 million British visitors to come to Mugla for a holiday this year. Governer Orhan Tavli on the other hand underlines the fact that Mugla and Turkey have become popular health tourism destinations for a decade because of Turkey’s rich diversity of medicinal plants, good facilities, and aromatic plants. Plus, he adds that as a result of the excavations carried out in the ancient city of Knidos in the Datca district, it was revealed that the first medical school in the world was in Mugla. 

Old Windmill Bodrum Turkey Picture

It seems that the Bodrum tourist season has started and it will be the star destination in Turkey for 2022, specifically for medical purposes. When it comes to having a holiday in Mugla, Bodrum, there are so many attractions that can be found for every need and interest. Here are some inspirational tours for you:

10 Day All-Inclusive Hotel Bodrum Holiday

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8 Day Bodrum South Greek Islands Blue Cruises Tour

This Turkish gulet cruise from Bodrum will be the ideal combination of breathtaking landscapes, historical sites, nightlife, and ultimate relaxation. Bodrum is a lively beach town that will serve as an excellent beginning and ending location for your trip. There will be enough to keep everyone engaged before boarding your boat, with remarkable historical landmarks as well as a thriving nightlife and retail scene. Book for 8 Day Bodrum South Greek Islands Blue Cruises Tour

3 Day Horse Riding Package Bodrum

The Horse Safaris offered by TravelShop Booking range in difficulty from novice to experienced, encompassing a broad swath of Bodrum sceneries. Join Murti's Tours for a day of discovering the natural beauty that the lands around Bodrum have to offer. Join now for 3 Day Horse Riding Package Bodrum

Daily Bodrum Quad – Buggy Safari Tour

Bodrum Buggy Safari, one of the most popular Bodrum excursions, is like adding some laughter, fun, pleasure, adrenaline, muck, and water to your trip in Bodrum.

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2 of the first 10 Best Hotels Around the World are in Turkey But We Know More

Secondly, a worldwide known tourism platform TripAdvisor has released its recent research results that list the best hotels around the world according to their hospitality, luxury, and services. According to the list, 'The Traveler's Choice Is The Best Of The Best' Romance Istanbul Hotel (Turkey) is 4th and Kayakapi Premium Caves (Cappadocia-Turkey) is the 6th best hotel. However, if we are talking about the accommodation services in Turkey, no matter the location, we have some idea about it. From 5-star resorts to modest village houses, from shabby camping alternatives to luxury blue cruises, there are so many other hidden accommodation options, that can be arranged from here.

The Fascinating Traveling Season Has Already Started in Antalya

Antalya has two pieces of good news. According to Turkey’s one of the pioneering human resources platforms, in 2022, the employment ratios are rising by around 70% in Antalya, which means that touristic services are in great demand. It will be better not to wait so long to book your holiday for this summer.

Perge Ancient City Antalya, Turkey

Turkey's first "Skyrunning" race, Tahtali Run to Sky, was held in Antalya with the participation of 618 athletes from 8 countries. The event jolted the city and drew people from all over the world. Among those events, Antalya has various tourist attractions such as jeep safari, quad safari, rafting, cycling, waterfall tours, and others...


A Useful Advice for Germans Who Don’t Love Bills

Marija Linnhoff, President of the Travel Agencies Association (VUSR) in Germany, suggested that Germans spend the winter months in Turkey due to the potential fuel shortages caused by the Ukraine-Russia war. Antalya is a popular destination for those who prefer to spend the cold seasons on a warm coast and is one of the best budget vacation destinations around the Mediterranean.