Gallipoli Campaign, Anzac Day, and the other incredible facts…

Gallipoli Campaign, Anzac Day & the other incredible facts…


In March and April, both Turks and Anzacs visit the Gallipoli Peninsula to arrange memorial services and remember their martyrs, soldiers, children who were fighting in WW1’s one of the sharpest and the toughest struggles were experienced in honor. 

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Before we commemorate our martyrs with respect it is going to be helpful to carry this legacy and friendship into the future by answering those questions; What happened at Anzac Cove?, Why did Anzac go to Gallipoli?, How many soldiers died at Anzac Cove?, What is the real name for Anzac Cove? And of course Who won the battle of Gallipoli? Etc…


#1: But first What happened in Gallipoli Campaign in short?

After WW1 started the British Kingdom with the advice of Winston Churchill made a plan to occupation of Istanbul by crossing the Dardanelles with the navy. Large-scale attacks on the Dardanelles by a fleet of British and French ships started in February 1915, for days they did great damage to Ottoman land facades.

[Mehmetçiğe Saygı Anıtı - Respect to Mehmet Monument ]

The Ottoman minelayer Nusret at the night that connects March 7 to March 8, had did the move that changed the destiny of the campagne and the WW1 forever. It layered 26 mines off the coast of Gallipoli, the next day the British forces made the sea and air reconnaissance, but they could not find these mines.


In days The French battleship Bouvet, HMS Irresistible, and HMS Inflexible struck mines and Irresistible was sunk, The French battleships Suffren and Gaulois sailed but were also damaged by the mines that Nusret was layered. When it become impossible to reach İstanbul from Dardanesl on sail the allied states had to carry out ground operations that started in the 25th from Seddülbahir and Arıburnu.


From now there were going to be a hard to believe moments that change every soldier’s life forever. Anzacs, Turks, and other soldiers fight from 19 February 1915 – to 9 January 1916 which ends with the Turks’ victory. 1st Brigade of the Anzac Corps had to go to Arıburnu (now Anzac Cove) instead of Kabatepe at 05:00 as the landing boats somehow shifted to the north.


It was a long-time battle and has so many sensitive details that last for pages, sometimes making a little bit smile, often will feel you all the coldness of the war to your bones. To see how terrifying was the battle reading or watching may be better.


#2: Where is Gallipoli?

It is a peninsula that forms the western side of the Dardanelles, within the borders of the towns of Gallipoli and Eceabat. It comprises an area of 33,000 hectares on the European side, classified as a Historical National Park. Today around the region 138 examples of civil architecture, 49 monumental structures, 50 Turkish martyrdoms, 29 Turkish monuments and inscriptions, 34 foreign cemeteries and monuments, plus historical structures such as castles can be seen.