Have more fun with a single Blue Cruise trip but how?

Summer is on the way. We are getting ready to put behind all tiredness of the winter, cold, snowy days, cloudy sky, dead nature, and say hello for the sun, warm and fun. Travelers have already started to plan their summer destinations and are eager for the new activities they will experience this summer. While staying in a hotel or joining a safari for instance there is a big amount of blue cruise tour requests for this summer. So many companies have already booked almost %80 of their quotas.

 [The blue cruise ship passes near the city]

Did you know that you can enrich your blue cruise tour by adding daily tours to Kuşadası, Bodrum, and Istanbul, which are among the most visited destinations in Turkey? While the Mediterranean is a magnificent destination by itself, wouldn't it be fabulous to see Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, or St. Peter's Castle on your blue cruise tour?


Here is some advice for exploring Turkey's well-known ports and cities, which are rich in history, culture, scrumptious food, and souvenir shops.


1. Visit Istanbul Old city


Istanbul is a well-known destination among the blue cruise tours, now Galataport has opened and it is a world-class cruise ship port, serving with The World’s First Underground Cruise Ship Terminal. It has already become a promenade for both blue cruise ships tourists and native people by its events and restaurants.

When you arrive in Istanbul, daily city excursions will be waiting to show you the city's hidden treasures. Istanbul is a city with a long and illustrious history. Recent archaeological discoveries near Yenikapi revealed that it was a harbor city for 8500 years. The old city, known as Sultanahmet at the same time, was the capital for 1600 years, has been hypnotizing visitors for decades with masterpieces from the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman empires still standing and ready to blow your mind.

With a Daily Istanbul City Tour, you can see Hippodrome where the sporting and social center of Constantinople, Horse racing, and chariot racing were done once is the main route of the tour. In between Hagia Sofia and Sultanahmet Mosque, it is around 13. 000 m2, The German Fountain, the Obelisk of Theodosius, Serpent Column, Column of Constantine can be seen on foot. The tour ends with a shopping break where you can buy kinds of fresh spices, herbs, handicrafts, Turkish coffee, authentic gifts, and also traditional Turkish tastes…

The good part of the blue cruise tours around the Turkey coasts may be to have a chance to buy authentic goods and visit thousands of years old historical sites that are so close to the ports. Less drive, less time lost, more and more fun…

 [The girl and the boy are doing heart symbol with their hands in Istanbul city.]

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