5 Reasons to Visit Azerbaijan

Importance is given to the development of tourism in Azerbaijan, and every year various decisions are taken for the development of tourism, projects are initiated for the development of touristic areas. Tourism has a great impact on Azerbaijan's economy, like many countries in the world.

Azerbaijan has borders with Georgia in the northwest, Armenia in the west, Russia in the north, Iran in the south, and the Caspian Sea in the east that located in the Caucasus at the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

In Azerbaijan, which is one of the largest countries in the Caucasus, cultural tourism, nature tourism, health tourism, mountain and winter tourism and religious tourism are generally carried out.

1. Why Travel to Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan has 9 of 11 climate types. Azerbaijan is one of the unique tourism destinations where you can travel in 4 seasons, with its rich flora, nature created by more than 15 thousand animal species and 4500 kinds of plants.

2. Cultural and Historical Tourism Areas

There are more than 6 thousand architectural monuments under protection in different provinces and districts of Azerbaijan. These historical, cultural and natural areas registered by UNESCO are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Sheki Khan Palace, Old City, Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape, Shirvanshahs Palace, Maiden's Tower, Atesgah, Yanardag etc. are included in these areas.

Azerbaijan, which has been a bridge between Asia and Europe on the silk road for many years, has been influenced by the rich culture of different nations throughout history. The cities of Ismayilli and Sheki, which have historical and cultural richness, are examples of this. Ismayilli, which is an area of interest for tourists, has famous touristic districts such as - Lahic, Basgal, Ivanovka. In these districts, which have different architectural structures, you can see that Lahics, Lezgins, Molokans, Jews and old Albanians live freely.

There is Sheki Khan palace, which is recorded by UNESCO as there is extensive information about it in history. The palace with 600-year-old historical plane trees in its garden, no nails used in its construction, and the most beautiful examples of grid art on its walls consisting of 2 floors, 6 rooms, 2 mirrored balconies, it was built during the reign of Hüseyin Khan, the grandson of Hacı Çelebi Khan, who laid the foundation of the first independent khanate in Azerbaijan in 1761-1762.

There are many architectural structures and districts as examples of historical and cultural areas In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. The Shirvanshah Palace built in the 15th century and the Maiden's Tower, which is located in the old city and is full of secrets with its structure and many secret passages, are the first historical places to be added to the list of tourists on the city tour.