Best Hatay Antakya Tourist Attractions For 2022

Bell, Azan, Hazan sounds; Hatay - Antakya

Hatay, the city of tolerance and civilizations where different beliefs live together in Turkey. You can feel and see the cultural richness created by the intertwining of Turkish Arab cultures. By the way this city has two different names so don’t be surprise if someone say to you: "Are Hatay or Antakya different cities in Turkey?" The answer is no, two city names about one city. In Turkish people says just Hatay this city. So let’s dive in more about Antakya’s history!

Most famous Hatay tourist attraction is, in the Antakya city, Hatay Archeology Museum.

Hatay Archeology Museum, one of the world's leading mosaic museums, St. Pierre Church, one of the oldest and most important churches in the history of Christianity, Habibi Neccar Mosque, one of the first mosque in Anatolia, Titus Tunnel of the Paganists, and the only Armenian village in Turkey, Vakıflı. All and more are in Hatay region.

When Alexander died in BC 323, problems arise between his commanders. Antigonos, the one of the commander was founded a city on the way to the east from the Mediterranean coast in the north of todays Antakya, and named this city "Antigonia". But this city was destroyed by one of the another commander I.Seleukos and new one was built at the location of todays Antakya by I.Seleukos and was named "Antiokhia" The capital Antiokhia developed rapidly and gained a reputation as an important center during that period. During the I.Seleukos period, water channels were built and water was brought to city from Defne waterfalls. A water tank and distribution network were built in the city. These studies continued during the reign of the next kings. The city was occupied by the Egyptians between BC. 246-244

Antakya, served as an important trade stop on the Silk Road from Anatolia to the Middle East for hundreds of years, and the intersection point of different cultures, religions and traditions.. Antakya was also an Olympic city. As far as is known, the first Olympic was BC. 195 and until 6th century, magnificent Olympics were held in Antakya.

Christianity, which emerged in the first half of the 1st century, outside of Jerusalem spread for the first time in Antakya in the mid-30s.

Those who believed in Jesus were called "Christian" here at first time.

The first Christianity Church was founded in Antakya.

It was the 3rd largest city of the Roman Empire after Rome and Alexandria in terms of population in the 1st century.

Antakya is one of the cities most destroyed by earthquakes throughout the centuries.

Antakya has been in the hands of many tribes and civilizations through the centuries and it was joined to the Republic of Turkey territory by M.K.Atatürk.


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