Explore The Best 6 Antalya Turkey Tours in 2022

Antalya, as indicated in the myth, can be a paradise on earth, with its "Honeymoon Bays," hidden coves, natural beauties such as gorges and waterfalls, and so on... With TravelShopBooking's rich themes, you may visit Antalya with guaranteed departure tours, road tours, or blue cruise tours, with the plus is here you can still add your holiday daily tours or varied attractions.


What are the best places to visit in Antalya Turkey?

There are so many. According to the myth of Attalos II, the king of Pergamon send his soldiers to find paradise on earth in the Hellenistic era. Soldiers come to Antalya, as considering its strategic importance Attalos found a city here as a port city. However, the findings in Karain Cave, 30 km northwest of Antalya, demonstrated that Antalya was a settlement from the lower paleolithic era till today. Accompanied by its natural beauties like waterfalls, and coves, the region is within the borders of Pamphylia means that so many ancient civilizations have found stunning cities, rise, and disappeared in the region. But the ruins that they left behind still tell their story. 


Here are some highlighted destinations in Antalya but remember that there are so many others.


a. Ancient sites: Termessos Ancient City, Aspendos, and Perge are ancient remains that should not be overlooked on any Antalya tour, regardless of your vacation theme. Those well-preserved ancient cities, as well as their captivating stories, the ancient Theatres of Termessos and Aspendos, Roman baths, and the mosaics of Oceanus and Medusa, unearthed in Perge in the 2000s, must be on your list.