Turkey Greece Bulgaria Combine Tour

A Dream Combination: Turkey Greece Bulgaria Tour

Spring is coming, the sun will warm the earth and various, colors of wildflowers will rise with kind Mediterranean breezes. The spring might be a very good period to prepare a backpack and go for a holiday that you, your soul can be renewed with nature. If the subject is both Mediterranean breezes and holidays so Greece - Bulgaria - Turkey Combined Tour may be one of the best and irrefutable destinations.


The countries Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey have a geographical advantage in that the borders are intersecting which is saving time that will pass on the road and gives more time for the activities you can join during the tour. The Turkey Greece Bulgaria borders are at the same time close to national airports, while you can transport between countries by full air-conditioned vehicles you can go back to your country back by a flight. Did someone say "what a convenience..?"


Let’s have a look at the highlights of the Turkey Bulgaria and Greece Tour. In Turkey Istanbul, Kusadasi, Ephesus & Cappadocia are the destinations that can be visited in this rota. You can visit the Topkapı Palace, Hippodrome, and Hagia Sophia in İstanbul then ancient cities Ephesus, taste fantastic fruit wines in Sirince Village are next and sleep in a cave hotel among natural pillars in Cappadocia.

In Bulgaria, other amazing locations are on the list; The Alexander Nevski Cathedral - one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in Europe-, St. George Rotunda, St. Sophia Church, National Revival Art Gallery. In Greece, Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus - the largest Temple ever built in Greece- Thessaloniki Panoramic tour are the cornerstones of it.


Which one is more dizzying; the destinations of the Turkey Greece Bulgaria Tour or the cuisines of them. These tripoint countries have amazing cuisines you will be met with a feast on tour travel. Banski starts, Lukanka, Gyuvech, Tarator are favorite foods belonging to Bulgarian cuisine. You can prefer Pastiçiyo, Horiatiki for dinner or lunch and Tiropita & spanakopita may be a good choice for breakfast in Greece. You will not be considered to come to Turkey as if you did not taste döner, lahmacun, baklava, or Turkish Delight with fresh Turkish Caffe.


It can be unbelievable, you may even ask “Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria in one trip?”. The answer is YES. You may have a reservation to it privately or with a group just do not be late.