About Us

TSG has roots in Bodrum, the tourism pearl of Turkey. Prior to establishing ourselves as a dedicated tourism company, we worked as group leaders from 1990 to 2005. In 2005, our love for travel blossomed as we began hosting numerous guests at the Bodrum Kalender Hotel. Next TravelShop Turkey was founded on Valentine's Day in 2006. TSG experienced rapid growth, leading us to relocate to Istanbul in 2009. Our services expanded in line with this growth, encompassing Congress tourism, MICE, weddings, a diverse array of Turkey-related categories, and even Formula 1.

In 2015, we began offering Anzac Tours, which culminated in a special cruise in 2018, serving 3,500 passengers. Starting from Sydney and ending in Brisbane, the Anzac-inspired tour included stops in Egypt, Gallipoli, Canakkale for the Dawn Service, and Istanbul. The meticulously planned itinerary offered customized arrival hours, sightseeing locations, and continuous shuttle services. The success of it led us to future high-participation organizations With a deep understanding of the importance of connectivity and a wide network, TSG launched Workshop TravelShop in 2016. Since then, we have organized over 27+ international fairs worldwide, bringing together experts.

The TSG Group now includes the brands Murti's Tour (Murti's Tour Seyahat Acentasi), which is a member of TURSAB with the member ID A5291, TravelShop Turkey, TravelShop Booking, WorkShop TravelShop, and El Puente Cave Hotel, and has representative offices in the United States, England, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, South Africa, Spain, and Italy.

What we did

TravelShop Booking invested to its own, completely new software and worked with the bests of the sector to simplify the booking process for both operators and travelling lovers. Today in the TravelShop Booking’s pages it is possible to find the best packegess, responsible operators, money safe tours and latest, interesting travelling contents througout the blog. However these are just the introduction of the story, the team is working to improve all services to boost the best travelling experince.

What we aim for

Travelling is not a holiday or a memorible, relaxing moments for us. It is some how to explore the univers we live in, to set up and raise ties with the people we never know and to enrich with the new cultures, beliefs and way of breaths. The aim that we are working to achieve is to make this possible via bringing people together with the tours to all around the world. So procuring new destinations, and flexible tours for every interest as well as make arrange them luxury or reasonable is the goal.

Technology and Engineering

Today's challenge encompasses a broad spectrum, spanning from engineering to art, and requires adaptation to changing times. TSG's IT team is diligently striving to enhance the travel experience for both travelers and experts, as well as B2B and B2C partners.

Growth and Expansion

The Business Development team is forging new partnerships with trailblazers in the travel industry to expand their network. By bringing on board fresh names and brands from the global travel sector, their objective is to foster growth through collaboration.

Product Advancement

A collective of travel enthusiasts is exploring novel experiential themes and uncovering uncharted routes. Their unwavering devotion to travel is the driving force behind their tireless efforts. Their ultimate goal is to elicit a response from fellow travelers that says, "I never considered this before; it's new and I must try it."

Support Desk

TSG's Customer Support Office is one of the most formidable departments, dedicated to swiftly and energetically resolving any issues you may encounter. No matter where you are or when you need it, you can rest assured that their assistance will be right there for you.


TSG recognizes that marketing is crucial for growth and influence, and as such, the marketing team is diligently working to reach global audiences through campaigns and high-quality content creation. Ultimately, success lies in crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with everyone.

Finance Office

Equipped with exceptional problem-solving abilities and an unwavering commitment to simplifying complex processes, we guarantee seamless day-to-day operations. Our comprehensive services cater to a broad spectrum, spanning from our own TSG team members to our valued partners and operators.