Credit System Terms & Conditions

What is the Travelshopbooking Credits system?

  • TravelShopBooking Credits is a virtual money application specific to our system that allows our members to pay a portion of their shopping amount for their purchases on

    There are 5 kinds of Credits:
    1. 20 € Welcome Credit; it can be earned by becoming a member of the system,
    2. 5% First Booking Credit; you can gain at your first booking from the system and this booking must be at least 500 €,
    3. 5% Invitation Credit; you gain it after you invite someone and they get an active member of our system, when they book a tour that is 1000 € or more, the price's 5% will be your credit,
    4. 2% Guest Credit; you gain it when you become a member by someone else's invitation,
    5. 1% Lucky Me Credit; you will be collecting it at your every booking from the system.
    6. 5% Tag Us Credit; You will gain it when you share 3 actual images or 1 actual video when you join one of our tours and share it on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter (for 6 months) the 5% month of your tour price will be your Tag Us Credit and you can use it on one of our optional tours as a discount.
  • TravelShop Booking Credits can be collectible and spent within certain rules as a discount for its products.
  • It is not liquidity and can never be converted into cash. It can only be used as a means of payment within the rules defined in the system.
  • Travelshopbooking credits can not be transferred to others.
  • 1 Credit is equal to 1 € (for USD please check the exchange rates)
  • No matter the way how you get a member of the system, every and each member have 20 € Welcome Credits.
  • Any kinds of credits can not be used on the first bookings, you can use them at your second and next bookings as a discount.
  • Travelshopbooking can arrange campaigns about gaining and spending Credits at certain times and keep the right to change the rules of the campaigns.
  • Above the campaigns and conditions link you can learn more about current campaigns and conditions.
  • All the Credits have to be used in the following 1 year from the first booking. Unused credits are automatically deleted from the system after 1 year.
  • Only members can collect and use credits.
  • The credits assigned to your account after your first booking on the system. They can be used as a discount starting from your second and next bookings.
  • Each product/tour listed in our online store, has its own credit. Credits have been shown in the price information section on the right side of the product detail page. Every product that has been ordered earns you credits as much as the quantity of your order. So as you shop, your credits will increases.
  • Only tours departing from Turkey are eligible for Credit offers.
  • From the "wallet" section on the left, you can see and follow if your credit is available or not.
  • You will be earning 1% credits at your every booking.
  • Credits are valid for one year after they are given.
  • Every and each shopping/booking can use only one kind of credit at a time.
  • If a traveler cancels his/her booking the credits gained from the canceled booking are eliminated/deleted.

How to gain TravelShop Booking credits?

  • In booking payments, TravelShopBooking Credits will be deducted from the payment amount when you wish to use them. But you can prefer not to use them and collect more to use some other time within the year.
  • To use the Credits as a discount from the amount to be paid, you have to book/buy at least a 500 € tour, otherwise your Credits will wait for the next bookings.
  • Every and each credit that has been gained from the bookings, getting members to the system, campaigns, and invitations, can only be used in the second and next bookings all along 1 year. First bookings cannot use Credits in any conditions.
  • Credits are earned only if the referee uses a custom invite link from the referrer, creates a Travelshopbooking account, and has a reservation for Turkey destinations.

How does the invitation system work?

  1. Introduce your family/friend to Travelshopbooking,
  2. Send them the disposable link you received from Travelshopbooking.
  3. We will notify you of your travel credit via email after your friend/family registers a user account and buys a trip.
  4. When your invitation becomes a membership and does their first booking 5% Invitation Credit will be defined on your account,
  5. New member gains 2% Guest Credit at the end of this process automatically.
  6. Book your next trip.
  7. Click the "Use Your Wallet" section on the paying stage and use your credits.


  1. Invitation credits cannot be earned by married couples, parents, and children or those who live together and are younger than 18 years old. No problem with the cousins, co-workers, second-degree relatives, and else…
  2. As mentioned on the main page 'Lowest Price Guarantee' section, if you find a better price for the same services within 24 hours of booking, the difference is refunded as a credit to your account.

Travelshopbooking holds the right to cancel travel credit if suspected of any abuse, gaming or misuse that is contrary to the principles of all kinds of Credit program.