Hottest ratios for Turkish tourism in 2023, as well as advice for cold-weather fans

Summer has come. All nature and creatures on it are heated by the sun and the answer to the question “Is tourism season opened in Turkey?” is YES. Turkey, with its kilometers of beaches, hidden coves, numerous ancient cities, rich cuisine, and a variety of outdoor attractions, is an assertive, one of the best travel destinations in 2023 too. Plus, Kars is a rising and surprising destination among Turkey’s popular tourist locations for this summer. Here is Turkey tourism’s latest news and some inspirational ideas.

1. Is Turkey the best travel destination in 2023?

Yes. Turkey is one of the best destinations as always because it has so many ancient ruins, turquoise and pure, blue flagged beaches, it has numerous religious sights for both Islam, Christianity, and others. Plus it was a transition route between east and west for centuries that enrich the culture, cuisine, and architecture. Today the country has developed touristic services for every need from camping, and backpacking to blue cruise and luxury alternatives. When it comes to winter holidays, water sports, or outdoor sports Turkey still has various destinations either, plus reasonable prices. Travelers have already started to come. 

Antiphellos Ancient City Kas Antalya
Antiphellos Ancient City Kas Antalya

2. How many tourists have visited Turkey January-Apri̇l 2023?

According to the report of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism 7 477 047, foreign visitors had arrived in Turkey between January-Apri̇l 2022 period and 36 530 of them were excursionists. Only in April 2022, 2 574 423 visitors arrived Turkey and the number was 790 687 in April 2021 (172% increase).

Top 5 visited cities are on the other hand are:    

  • 1-İstanbul %51,92 (3 882 348)                                                          
  • 2-Antalya %14,87 (1 112 094)                                                          
  • 3-Edirne %12,91 (965 364)                                                   
  • 4-Artvin %3,65 (272 664)                                                     
  • 5-İzmir %2,38 (177 739)

Instead of the coast cities, Artvin is the unusual destination on this list because it is located on the BlackSea. It seems that the number of cold lovers will increase in 2023. 

Travel Shop Booking guests in Turkey
TSG’s guests in Turkey

3. In Turkey, what place should I go in July-August if I don’t like hot weather?

Ephesus, Kusadasi, Bodrum, and else are favorite destinations among sun, beach, and sea lovers. However, some may not like hot weather but do not worry, Turkey has something for them too. 

Blacksea coast cities might be good for you. Artvin, as listed in the 4th place, is the address of many wonders of natural sights and historical ones. Atatepe, while the Hatila valley landscape is dizzying, the Caucasus Plateau is where bullfighting can be watched.

Here are 2 chilly tours including Artvin:

July and August are the highland seasons in Turkey which means that festivals and local events are held on plateaus. You can climb to The Kackar Mountains, have a cup of tea while watching a cloud sea, or experience trekking in fogy forests. This tour might inspire you about what you can find in Blacksea territory: the Black Sea 6 Day Istanbul Trabzon Rize Tours.

Trabzon Uzungol, Turkey
Trabzon Uzungol, Turkey

The second choice may be northeast of Turley Kars and Erzurum cities. Kars is one of the coldest cities in Turkey and for the last few decades, especially with the Eastern Express which departs from Ankara and visits so many cities on the route, become so very popular in winter. However, Kars is a captivating destination for summer: Lake Cildir, Ani ruins, Katherina Mansion, Tigran Honents Church, Dragon Tower which is one of the oldest hospitals in Anatolia, and more can be visited. Here is a detailed Kars article that you may have more inspiration for: The Ultimate Turkey Kars City Guide: Where to Stay, What to Eat & See

Erzurum on the other side is one of the highest cities in Turkey and among the coldest ones. The city has numerous glamorous Seljuk architecture pieces with natural ones; Tortum Waterfall, Coruh River, Oltu Russian Church, Cifte Minareli Madrasah, and more can be visited while the themes of cooking, trekking, and rafting and else can be inspiring. You may check:

cifte kemer bridge Artvin Blacksea Turkey
Cifte Kemer Bridge in Artvin – Blacksea region of Turkey

4. Is Turkey tourism safe?

Yes. Here is the “World’s Safest And Dangerous Cities List” for you to learn more about.

 And you may check the official tourism rates from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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