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Igdir has four districts, one of which is the center. It is located on the Erzurum-Kars part of the Eastern Anatolia of Turkey. The city center consists of 3 towns and 49 villages. Its economy depends on agriculture. A great variety of products is cultivated in Igdır Lowland. The Lowland is considered as another Cukurova in North Anatolia. Vegetable gardening has been improved. Primary agricultural products are wheat, barley, sugar beet, apple, melon, watermelon, corn, apricot, and pear. Production rate has been decreased recently because of some restrictions such as quota although once cotton and sugar beet were the primary products. Husbandry is an important income resource. Mostly sheep and cattle are grown. Husbandry is mostly oriented to the alive animal trade. The center was established on the middle side of Igdir Lowland in the joint section which connecting Kars to Dilucu boundary door on Aralik and to Gurbulak boundary door on Dogubayazit. The city which is on an important cultural joint is the sole city of Turkey which is neighbor with three countries because it has boundaries with Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. The Center of Igdir is neighbor only with Armenia among those countries.

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Welcome to Turkey, today is your arrival day. After arriving at Istanbul International Airport directly proceed to domestic departures for your flight to Igdir. Meet at Igdir airport and transfer to your hotel. You will be given your room key and the rest of the day is yours to explore Igdir. Overnight in Igdir.

(Breakfast included)

We will pick you up from the hotel in the morning. We will visit today: Igdır is the city that is the center of the province of Iğdır. Turkey's Erzurum in Eastern Anatolia Region - is located in the department of Kars. The city center consists of 3 towns and 49 villages. Karakale Ruin: It is located on the border of Armenia, where Iğdır plain is located, among the Urartians, which is suitable for defense. Selecting whether the region is the oldest settlement castle Meteor (Meteor) Pit: This pit in Korhan Plateau is a big pit formed in 1892 with the fall of a meteorite. It ranks second after Barringer Crater in Arizona in terms of size and depth in the world. Its width is 35 meters and its depth is about 60 meters. It is also possible to come across many processed stones around the pit. It is notable for its rich natural scenery and floral richness. Seljuk (Harmandoven) Caravanserai: Caravanserai, located on Asmakoyu road, is one of the most beautiful works of 12th century Seljuk stone processing. It was taken under protection in 1986. However, it is still in ruins. Ahura Ruins: Ahura is located in Yakup Valley on the northern slopes of Büyük Ağrı Mountain. The ruin at 1,750 meters, BC. It is a settlement established in the 2nd century during the Artaxiya Kingdom. Tuzluca Salt Caves: Turkey has a place in the 100-year capacity to meet the needs of salt. It is known that the air in the tunnels in this 55-acre salt-covered land is good for the respiratory tract. It has the capacity to produce 60 tons of salt per day. Ram Headed Tombs: The ram-headed graves found in all the old cemeteries in the Iğdır plain are from the Karakoyunlular period, which left a permanent civilization trail in Iğdır. According to Karakoyunlu, these gravestones were erected in the graves of brave and heroic people and young people who died at a young age. This tradition came to Karakoyunlular from Central Asian Turkish Culture. Martyr Turks Monument and Museum: It symbolizes the Armenian attacks in the region between 1915-1920 and related documents are kept. Around 4,000 visitors visit the museum every month. 350 m² closed museum consists of 2 pools and 5 swords of 36 m height. It is built as a green area and a park. Turkey's highest monument. After the tour, transfer back to your hotel. Overnight in Igdir.

(Breakfast included)

Meet with your tour guide at the hotel lobby at the determined time. A Turkish bath is a place, where physical and spiritual cleaning takes place and is hundreds of years old. In 1741 Istanbul built its first public bathhouse in Sultan Mehmet. Natural lighting and ionic-colored tiles create a relaxing atmosphere. When entering the Turkish bath, you leave all the hastiness of daily life outside, you exchange your clothes for a waistcloth and adorn the traditional clogs. The inside temperature reaches up to 50 degrees Celcius under the central dome of the building. This heat and humidity opens the pores of the body and extracts the fatty anoils of the body in preparation for your scrub down and a massage by the attendant. After a gentle soap massage, you leave the bath place with towels and pass to the resting room. Here, tea is offered to you. You leave the Turkish Bath renewed, beautiful, and refreshed. Transfer back to your hotel. Thank you for choosing us and we hope you have a memorable time in Turkey. We look forward to seeing you in the future on another adventure with us. After the tour, transfer back to your hotel. Overnight in Igdir.

(Breakfast and lunch included)

After breakfast, we take our guests from the hotel and depart to a local restaurant for your professional cooking lesson. You participate in your first Turkish cooking lesson: Iğdır is like a mirror that reflects the traditions of Turkish culture. It also distinguishes itself with its local flavors. Pastry dishes are a type of food that the region frequently consumes. In this article, we wanted to explain the local dishes of Iğdır and the taste of the city. Katik soup is one of the most popular flavors of the region. It has a sour taste. Its main ingredient consists of yogurt and lepe. Fresh village butter is ready for presentation with its spicy seasonings. A useful meal prepared with kelecosh bulgur, prunes, lepe, curd cheese and onion, which takes its place in the tables as a kind of soup in Iğdır. Ayranashi is our delicious soup, one of the cornerstones of Turkish cuisine. It is a refreshing alternative in Igdır's hot summer months because it is both satisfying and nutritious. We recommend you to taste this useful taste prepared from chickpeas, wheat, and yogurt. Zibilli pilaf, which is a rich rice, has the feature of being a hearty main dish. An aromatic taste is added with spice varieties. Katlet, which is a meal unique to Igdır region, has been prepared inspired by the natural flavors of the Caucasian. Minced meat is the main ingredient of the dish. It is among the local dishes that you must try in Igdır. In Igdır province, where chicken meat is very popular, this juicy dish made with baguettes is an unsatisfying taste. Chicken shorba, which includes many nutritious foods such as potatoes, onions, boiled chickpeas, is served as a main dish both at home and in restaurants. Bozbash, one of the local tastes of Iğdır, is a traditional dish prepared with ingredients such as lamb's pearl, tail oil, and chickpeas. The Nutritionals and taste of this dish, which is cooked and served in its own special bowl in restaurants, is appreciated. You can also order restaurants and restaurants in the center of Igdır. Omach halva, which is a dessert made frequently in Igdır in the winter months, is a traditional dessert made in the city for many years. Although it is not different from flour halva for those who see it for the first time, there are various differences in the way this halva is made. When adding materials, it is ensured to be blended by the rubbing method. The fact that the flour has turned into wet sand after the rubbing process is completed is proof of success. Then you need to go to the cooking stage. The softest of the jam is eggplant jam. Eggplant jam, which has a different flavor compared to other jam varieties, has become one of the symbols of Iğdır cuisine. It is generally consumed at breakfasts. It is a nutritious snack. After lunch, you will depart to the city center for free time and shopping before returning to your hotel. After the tour drop back at your hotel. Overnight in Igdir.

(Breakfast included)

After breakfast, we will depart to Igdir airport for our domestic flight to Istanbul and then back home. We hope your tour was a memorable one and we would like to see you in the future in one of our tours again. Have a nice trip back home and thanks for choosing TravelShop Booking.


4 nights’ at the Dedemin 2 hotel in Igdir

PS: If This hotel list not available at the time of your booking then we will arrange smilar other hotel for your group. If you prefer a Different category hotel, there might be an additional cost.

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