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Tü Tur Bodrum

To buy the souvenirs which will remind the place that you visit; specifically to crown your holiday in Bodrum, you will be able to buy things from the largest and cheapest bazaar of Bodrum which is full of various kinds of things from the foods to the goods all in all.

In a same place, you will be able to shop as much as you want, to mix to the sincere, local people, to learn how to bargain from the crafters and to explore the dynamic tradition; shopping in a bazaar, a mosaic of the Turkish culture.

To the accompaniment of the colors of the stands, the scents of the fruits and the voices of the cheerful people around, you will admire every minute of Turgutreis market tour.

If you are already interested, you should read the next paragraphs which includes the details of the program.

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Turgutreis Market Tour in Bodrum

Before participating in Bodrum Turgutreis Bazaar tour actively, you should be aware of the preparation session.

First, we suggest you to put your hat, sunglasses, sun cream and a bottle of water in your bag in order to protect yourself from the sun.

Also, you should make sure that your camera is ready to take photos and videos of the place!

Secondly, we highly recommend you to bring Turkish Lira instead of Dolar, Euro etc. to the bazaar.

And lastly, to be able to walk around without any discomfort, you should prefer comfortable clothes and shoes before leaving your hotel.

In the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel in Bodrum by our fully-equipped, comfortable and modern vehicle to begin our Bodrum Turgutreis market tour.

Then, we will drive approximately for 20 minutes until we get to the market.

Free Time in the Bazaar

As soon as we arrive to the area in where you will walk, explore and shop, we will give you a couple of hours to spend in there freely.

Of course, you will always be able to receive help from our licensed and professional guide who will inform the sections about the market.

By learning the useful tips from him, you will be able to start your journey.

In the streets of the place which divide the stands, you can walk around and witness the significant Turkish culture that has managed to survive through centuries.

Among the crowd of the colorful environment which involves every color on earth due to the tomatoes, lemons, oranges, lettuces, eggplants and more, you will be able to taste and buy delicious and organic vegetables and fruits.

Also, there will be special stands for dairy products, Turkish desserts, dried fruits and charcuterie.

Thus, you are free to purchase appetizing foods for a delicious experience.

Textile Products and Souvenirs

Specifically, you will be able to find high-quality fabrics, clothes, lingerie, socks, traditional Turkish uniforms, pajamas, shoes, towels, sheets, pottery items, ceramics, glass-made products, paintings, glassware products, toys, magnets, accessories, leather products, bags and more.

While wandering around and shopping, you will lose track of time!

Addition to them all, we suggest you to get your camera ready, since you will snap amazing shots of the natural, dynamic photos of the local life in Turkey.

The End

At the end of the free time in our Bodrum Turgutreis Market tour, we will leave the bazaar behind and get on the bus again.

Then, we will take you to your hotel, and we will end the program officially.


Professional English - speaking tour guides


A/C Bus

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)

Full Insurance



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