• Daily Hatay Samandag Tour
  • Daily Hatay Samandag Tour
  • Daily Hatay Samandag Tour

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The region only became part of modern Turkey in 1939, having been apportioned to the French Protectorate of Syria following the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire. Following the brief-lived independent Hatay Republic of 1938, it was handed over to Turkey after a plebiscite. This move, calculated to buy Turkish support, or at least neutrality, in the imminent world war, was successful. It was Ataturk, in a move to “Turkify” the region, who dreamt up the name “Hatay”, supposedly based on that of a medieval Turkic tribe.


Pick up from your hotel in the morning and then depart to Daily Samandag Tour. The first visit to St Simon Monastery is the center of pilgrim for early Christianity in 6. Century. The Monastery of St. Simon, set on the highest peak of Samandağ is a 5th-century refuge for Stylites- a kind of anchorites living on top of pillars. Its founder St. Simon closed himself in a cell outside the city for three years after completing his religious studies in a monastery. Later, he climbed a mountain near the city and spent long years on top of a natural stone-carved pillar. According to popular belief, the pillar grew taller with each sitting and reached a maximum height of 13 meters. As word of Simon's patience, faith, and endurance spread through the Christian world, people suffering from illness or physical defect flocked here in the belief that he had the power to cure them. Located on the slopes of Mountain Musa in the Samandağ District of Hatay, Vakıflı Village is mostly populated by Armenians and maintains good neighborhood relations with the villages in its environs. The cultural diversity here adds more and more to the colorfulness of this region. The culinary specialty of Hatay is sumptuous prawns. Gourmets must try kunefe, a hot dessert of sweetened shredded wheat filled with melted cheese, and hummus, an appetizer of pureed chickpeas, garlic, and paprika. You can buy good souvenirs like hand-carved wooden tables and chairs and other objects of wood. We will visit also Hidirbey Village is one of the unique Armenian villages in Turkey and Moses Tree. After the end of the tour return to the hotel. We hope your tour was a memorable one and we look forward to seeing you in the future on another TravelShop Booking Tour. Have a safe trip back home and thanks for choosing TravelShop Booking.





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