• Daily Sivas Sarissa Ancient City Tour
  • Daily Sivas Sarissa Ancient City Tour
  • Daily Sivas Sarissa Ancient City Tour
  • Daily Sivas Sarissa Ancient City Tour
  • Daily Sivas Sarissa Ancient City Tour
  • Daily Sivas Sarissa Ancient City Tour

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In the second excavation campaign, the archaeologists discovered written records of its Hittite period; the fourth, smallest, and so far last major archive in the Hittite language. In 1997 Gernot Wilhelm reported: 

The large majority of the 45 tablet fragments published were found in the southern room of building A in the Western part of the Acropolis. Both the small finds in the room and the contents of the tablets suggest that the room had a connection with ritual practices. The finds belong to layer 2 (period of the Empire) which perished in a conflagration (2nd half of 13th century BC). It is due to the effects of this fire that the tablets, originally stored in an unbaked condition, survived. The contents of the tablets, written by several hands, refer to the ritual practice, namely cult and prophecy. Most numerous are "oracle protocols" for lot and bird oracles, rarer are "cult inventories" dealing with ritual festivals, idols and cultic supply. Two tablets represent the category of "festival rituals" and describe the celebration of the spring festival by the king in Šarišša (Šarešša).


  • Sarissa Ancient City, Kardesler(Siblings) Hill View


Pick you up at 08.30 from your hotel for a daily tour of Sivas. Today we will go to an amazing historical place in Sivas. If you want to see the remains of one of the important cities of the Hittites in the depths of history, here is Sarissa. It is one of the biggest religious centers of the Hittite nation, which established the fourth largest empire in history. Sarissa Ancient City, which is located in Basoren village of our district and known as the belt site, is one of the important settlements of the Hittites. The city of Sarissa, which was an important settlement center in the 1600s and 1500s BC and where the Hittite kings came from the capital Bosphorus village and stayed as summer, is the 5th city in our country that gives tablet finds. In connection with the collapse of the Hittite state, it was destroyed by a great fire. In archaeological excavations: it was revealed that there was another settlement only during the Phrygian period after the Hittite settlement and then the settlement was completely abandoned. Then we will continue to Kardeşler (Siblings) Hill View, there is a panoramic view of Sivas, we can enjoy and take photographs before transfer to the hotel.

Around 17:00 – 18.00, we will depart back to your hotel.

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Sivas Sarissa Ancient City



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