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Egypt has become synonymous with deserts and pyramids. But, there is much more to Egypt! Did you know that Egypt has some of the best sites for snorkelling? This itinerary takes you on a journey in Egypt, which is home to numerous hidden snorkelling paradises like Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab. Sharm El Sheikh is an Egyptian city on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, on the coastal strip along the Red Sea. While Dahab, located close to Sharm El Sheikh, is considered to be one of Sinai's most treasured diving destinations! It’s time to expand your knowledge of Egypt, beyond the pyramids and deserts. Let’s dive right into it!

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Highlights Enjoy Sharm El Sheik


Welcome to Sharm El Sheikh, home to Egypt’s the Red Sea, beaches and snorkeling sites.

When you’ve reached Sharm El Sheikh, put your bags down in your accommodation and head out to Na’ama Bay! 

At Na’ama Bay, the gentle waters of the beach allow for snorkeling, diving, and numerous water sports to be carried out here such as parasailing, windsurfing and jet skiing just to name a few.

If you’re not one for water activities, you can just relax on the beach and sunbathe.

Alternatively, you can opt for a glass-bottom tour to explore the area.

There are many boat tours offered around the area, so pick the one that best suits your interests at sea!

After a day of relaxing on Na’ama Bay’s beach, it’s time to enjoy the vibrant nightlight of the Bay.

If you’re a night owl, Na’ama Bay has got your back! On the main street, Boulevard Principe del Bahrain, you will find rows of shops selling souvenirs and food but also clubs, pubs, and restaurants.

Some of the clubs like Pasha and the Dolce Vita tend to draw in a lot of tourists, but many other clubs are constantly offering promotions and discounts to attract more patrons so you’ll definitely have a wide variety of clubs to choose from.

If you would like to venture away from Na’ama Bay, you can also head to Soho Square.

This shopping center houses some restaurants and clubs, and for the young ones, a bowling alley and an ice skating rink.

You may even visit Culturama, a movie theatre that shows videos on Egypt’s cultural heritage to learn more about the country.

Head back to your accommodation after a vibrant night at Na’ama Bay!

Tiran Island is a very famous destination for excursions, sought for its charming and extraordinary nature by divers and snorkelers.

The time needed to travel between the island and Sharm El Sheikh takes about 2 hours but is definitely a wonderful site to visit.

This area of the Red Sea is a pure paradise, with lagoons and corals next to each other.

There are a total of 4 coral reefs in line on the strait, which means that there are loads to see while snorkeling and diving! Whether you’re an advanced diver or just starting out with diving or simply just want to snorkel, this place is perfect for you.

Located near the island is also a series of shipwrecks, which makes it an intriguing area to explore.

Find out for yourself why many who have visited the island consider this a “must visit” destination when in Sharm El Sheikh!

When you’re done exploring the wonderful waters, head to the city or your accommodation for dinner, or once again, enjoy the nightlife in Sharm El Sheikh.

Located approximately 4 hours away from Sharm El-Sheikh, today you will be taking a break from water activities in the red sea.

Instead, you'll travel to the Coloured Canyon.

Here, you will be greeted by steep valleys of limestone, sandstone, and granite that have acquired surreal colors due to unique geological changes.

It’s a beautiful sigh to behold and will leave you amazed. 

You can also head to the St. Catherine Monastery, also known as the "Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai", before the Coloured Canyon.

It is this site where the holy relics of Saint Catherine are enshrined.

This Monastery has been celebrated throughout the world for its spiritual and cultural radiance and is revered by both Christians and Muslims alike.

After a long day, head back to Sharm El-Sheikh for dinner and to rest for the night.

Grab your bags and get ready to head off to Dahab.

Once, you’re checked into your accommodation in Dahab, put on your swimsuit and let’s head out for some snorkeling and scuba diving! It's time to explore the sea surrounding Dahab!

One of the best snorkeling sites in Dahab is the Eel Gardens.

This diving spot gets its name from the countless garden eels that carpet the seafloor not far from the entry point of the dive.

There’s nothing to be afraid of though, as upon approaching the eels, these timid creatures will retreat back into their homes for safety.

More than just eels, this site is home to other creatures like morays and stingrays, making it a wonderful spot to gain a sight of such creatures.

If you’re not a fan of eels, you can also head to Lighthouse Reef, situated in the center of Dahab.

It is easily accessible and is home to lively, colorful corals.

This makes it popular amongst tourists visiting Dahab. Here, besides corals and fish, you may come across turtles and even blue spotted rays.

Some of you may be wondering about the infamous Blue Hole, a vertical 394-foot-deep underwater sinkhole, located a few miles north of the city of Dahab.

Not only is it one of the Red Sea’s most famous diving sites, it is also one of the most dangerous dive sites in the entire world! It is definitely not recommended for first-time divers or beginners.

Even for advanced divers, while this massive underwater sinkhole will perhaps be a unique diving experience,

it is highly dangerous and should be attempted with extreme caution.

After your day of diving, you can travel back to the center and enjoy Dahab’s nightlife.

It's day 5 and it's sadly your last day here.

One of the top recommended activities to do in Egypt is the Camel Safari.

Ride a camel through the Sinai and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the desert.

If you do not wish to embark on this adventure, no worries!

Head down to Dahab’s Blue Lagoon to spend your last few hours here.

It is a kite and wind-surfing paradise, and the water here is so clear and inviting that you’ll want to jump right in.

The lagoon is very serene and peaceful, making it a wonderful way to end your trip in Dahab. 

It’s time to say goodbye to Dahab and Egypt!


1 night at Na’ama Bay

2 Nights Sharm El Sheikh

1 Night Dahab

Professional English-speaking tour guides 

All Meals Included

All entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary


International or Domestic flights

Insurance: All types

All airport transfer services mentioned inside the itinerary

Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach

Personal expenses: extras at hotel or additional meals

Tipping: Tips for guides and drivers

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