Have more fun with a single Blue Cruise trip but how?

Summer is on the way. We are getting ready to put behind all tiredness of the winter, cold, snowy days, cloudy sky, dead nature, and say hello for the sun, warm and fun. Travelers have already started to plan their summer destinations and are eager for the new activities they will experience this summer. While staying in a hotel or joining a safari for instance there is a big amount of blue cruise tour requests for this summer. So many companies have already booked almost %80 of their quotas.

Did you know that you can enrich your blue cruise tour by adding daily tours to Kuşadası, Bodrum, and Istanbul, which are among the most visited destinations in Turkey? While the Mediterranean is a magnificent destination by itself, wouldn’t it be fabulous to see Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, or St. Peter’s Castle on your blue cruise tour?

The blue cruise ship passes near the city
The blue cruise ship passes near the city.

Here is some advice for exploring Turkey’s well-known ports and cities, which are rich in history, culture, scrumptious food, and souvenir shops.

1. Visit Istanbul Old city

Istanbul is a well-known destination among the blue cruise tours, now Galataport has opened and it is a world-class cruise ship port, serving with The World’s First Underground Cruise Ship Terminal. It has already become a promenade for both blue cruise ships tourists and native people by its events and restaurants.

When you arrive in Istanbul, daily city excursions will be waiting to show you the city’s hidden treasures. Istanbul is a city with a long and illustrious history. Recent archaeological discoveries near Yenikapi revealed that it was a harbor city for 8500 years. The old city, known as Sultanahmet at the same time, was the capital for 1600 years, has been hypnotizing visitors for decades with masterpieces from the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman empires still standing and ready to blow your mind.

With a Daily Istanbul City Tour, you can see Hippodrome where the sporting and social center of Constantinople, Horse racing, and chariot racing were done once is the main route of the tour. In between Hagia Sofia and Sultanahmet Mosque, it is around 13. 000 m2, The German Fountain, the Obelisk of Theodosius, Serpent Column, Column of Constantine can be seen on foot. The tour ends with a shopping break where you can buy kinds of fresh spices, herbs, handicrafts, Turkish coffee, authentic gifts, and also traditional Turkish tastes…

The good part of the blue cruise tours around the Turkey coasts may be to have a chance to buy authentic goods and visit thousands of years old historical sites that are so close to the ports. Less drive, less time lost, more and more fun…

The girl and the boy are doing heart symbol with their hands in Istanbul city
The girl and the boy are doing heart symbol with their hands in Istanbul city.

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Turkey is a great destination for blue cruises because it has so many ports, natural coves, and turquaz beaches as well as close to the world’s remarkable ancient sites and sacred locations. Izmir /Kusadasi, since the ’80s has become popular, one of the best Turkish gulet cruise ports that has the advantages of being close to EphesusSirince, Didyma, Priene, Miletus ancient sites. 

A group of people are doing a rafting tour in Istanbul
A group of people are doing a rafting tour in Istanbul.

2. Ephesus&Sirince, isn’t that sound fantastic?

Kusadasi is a kind of traveling paradise that is close to most wished ancient sites and various attractions can be done around its coasts. The region has well-designed touristic facilities, gourmet restaurants, and a variety of shops that are full of handicrafts. Between the month’s March to October world’s best blue cruise companies have stopovers in the port.

Two men is watching the blue cruise ship in Kusadasi Port
Two men is watching the blue cruise ship in Kusadasi Port.

Daily Ephesus Sirince Tour From Kusadasi port that takes around 20 minutes to drive is the first alluring daily tour. With a daily Ephesus -Sirince tour, you can see the magnificent areas of Ephesus which are the Basilica of St. John, Temple of Artemis, the Baths of Scholastica, the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, the Theatre, and The Temple of Diana.

The tour’s highlight is the House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus that have been visited for the pilgrimage too for decades. (For the current praying schedule, news and announcements please click.)

Ephesus attractions;

grand theatre of ephesus

Grand Theatre of Ephesus

On the way back Sirince village will surprise you with its well-preserved Greek pattern, cobblestones, and nature. Today the village has a reputation with locally produced fruit wines and taste sessions are held in workshops. Sour cherry and black mulberry wines are highly recommended plus cold Elderberry Syrup for hot summer days may be a good alternative for the ones who are looking for traditional tastes. The local cuisine on the other hand is very rich, Mediterranean-style cooked tarhana soup, herb pastry, and ravioli are the tastes that can’t be missed.

3. Didyma, Priene, Miletus, 3 beauties in other words…

Daily Didyma – Miletos – Priene Tour is also another favorite daily tour that is approximately 1-hour drive from the port. In Didyma Apollo Temple, which is known for the Medusa relief on the ruin, was an oracle center in the ancient period, still capturing its visitors. The region at the same time has pure, turquoise beaches such as Altinkum, Sakli Ada, Akbuk that you may wish to stay in. 

Next is Miletos which is The Hometown of the Olympic Games, and home town of the philosophers Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Hecataeus, and the ancient Greek architect Hippodamus. The city is far from settlements, rising in the middle of nature, quiet and when you arrive there you may question the reality, existence like Thales. After you have listened to the rich story of Miletos, depart to Priene, one of the best-preserved ancient remains where classical, ancient Greek town planning can be traced. Your guide will tell you all story of the city, anyway have some extra time for yourself in the theatre, sit on top of it and watch the stunning view.

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People make a like sign with their hands on the SUV road
People make a like sign with their hands on the SUV road.

When it comes to blue voyages Turkey’s Eagen Sea coasts are very generous. Bodrum is another well-known blue cruise destination and is popular among gulet cruise and yacht cruise travelers. It has been chosen by private, the luxury blue trip destination in Turkey often. Bodrum too has various historical and sportive attractions for travelers as well.

Let’s have a look at the daily Bodrum tours.

4. Add it to your must-see list: Bodrum

Bodrum Castle (The Castle of St. Peter) which was built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, is the first stop of the tour. The castle is one of the world’s best-preserved medieval structures and in gothic architectural style. The castle is the house of The Bodrum Archaeology Museum at the same time and it welcomed to its guests with a bountiful collection; the Karyalı Princess Hall, English Tower, East Roman Wreck, Turkish Bath Exhibition, Glass Shipwreck Hall, German Tower, Coin, and Jewellery Hall, Glass Hall, Hidden Museum Snake Tower, Uluburun Shipwreck, Dungeon, Commander’s Tower and Tektas Glass Wreck sections can be seen on the tour.

Bodrum Port - Bodrum Castle
Bodrum Port – Bodrum Castle

The next stop is a very special ancient site, considered as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”: Mausoleum Memorial Museum. Even if it was destroyed with an earthquake in 1304 AD it is still having thousands of visitors annually. The ruin still keeps its impressive atmosphere. In the middle of traditional white-colored houses with purple bougainvilleas, it is like a gate between the ancient age and today. Myndos Gate, the Ancient Theater of Halicarnassos are on the list too. With this Daily Bodrum City Tour, you can explore all the gems of the region before your blue cruise departs.

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5. Feel the spirit of the village

Bodrum is a city that is still sustaining its original architectural features, and restoration and renovation works have been performed in recent decades. Daily Bodrum Village Tour with a 20-minute drive, will bring you to the time-defying village in rural. Turkish gastronomy samples and traditional handmade rugs on isdar (traditional rug weaving loom) will be exhibited. It may be preferable for those who have participated in the Daily Bodrum City Tour before, as this tour intends to immerse travelers in the atmosphere of the region, who are looking for or wishing to experience something pastoral.

A classical breakfast table in Bodrum village.
A traditional Turkish breakfast in a village in Bodrum.

6. Scuba Diving

When it comes to travel, Bodrum is similar to a theme park, with a variety of visiting alternatives and attractions. Scuba Diving is a great opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience on your blue cruise excursion. Daily Scuba Diving Tour Bodrum begins with a one-hour cruise to the diving site and basic training provided by professional divers for those who are having their first diving experience. Lunch will be served on the board, with a beautiful view. Amateurs can dive to a depth of 5 meters, while specialists can dive to depths of 25 to 100 meters. The length of your dive is determined by your level of experience.

A group of people is diving to sea in Bodrum.
A group of people is diving to sea in Bodrum.

Let your blue cruise vacation into an exceptional one by adding it daily city tours because Turkey and its coasts, coves, ancient monuments are too close for the blue cruise ports.

Simply by participating in daily city tours, you may fulfill your time with culture, history, or excitement.

Do not finish your tour befor taste these traditional dishes:

  • Kabak cicegi dolması: rice, onion, olive and tomato stuffed Zucchini flowers
  • Cingene salatası: tomatoes, cucumber, onion, apricots, carrots and yellow pepper, yogurt with garlic
  • Keskek: a traditional dish made with lamb or chicken meat combined with wheat or barley stew
  • Cokertme kebab: marinated strips of meat served with fried potatoes, garlic yoghurt, tomato sauce, fried tomatoes and green peppers

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