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5 Days Wine Tour in Moldova5 Days Wine Tour in Moldova

5 Days Wine Tour in Moldova

Wine Road Tour Discover the origins of Moldova within the tour that guarantees an authentic experience in wine-making traditions in Moldova. THE Route OF WINE OF Moldova is an all-inclusive 5-day wine tour, which spotlights the quality and diversity of Moldova wines and vineyards. On a journey over Moldova country roads, this tour starts in Chisinau and crosses five oenological regions: Old Orhei, Branesti, Causeni, Milesti Mici village, Cricova village

Tour TypeRegular
DestinationsChisinauOld OrheiChisinauMilestii MiciPurcariCauseniTransnistria, Moldova
Stars inChisinau
Ends inTransnistria, Moldova
Operated inEnglish
5 Days Wine Tour in Moldova
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5 Days, 7 Destinations
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