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Authentic Moldova - Excursion to Orhei Vechi MonasteriesAuthentic Moldova - Excursion to Orhei Vechi Monasteries

Authentic Moldova - Excursion to Orhei Vechi Monasteries

From Moldova: The Orheiul Vechi Cultural-Natural Reserve, The Monasteries and Churches Get ready for an exciting excursion. You will discover the Curchi Monastery, the historical site of Orhei Vechi, and its troglodyte monastery. Orheiul Vechi is a spectacular archaeological complex located 60km from Chişinău. The panorama is breathtakingly beautiful. Beyond the impressive natural landscape, a group of troglodyte caves, hosting the oldest monasteries and sacred places, combines the history of the Golden Horde period and today, revealing ruins of palaces, citadels, dwellings, giving visitors ample information on a history that extends from the 10th century BC to the present day.Old Orhei is situated on the Raut River and represents the historical-monastic conservation complex. Here you can see the remains of the Geto-Dacian fortress, a functioning cave monastery, a museum, ruins of the old Turkish bath, and a 19th-century church; you will see appreciable historical monuments with unique, unrepeatable landscape formed by the Raut River, rocks, narrow paths and caves.

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Authentic Moldova - Excursion to Orhei Vechi Monasteries
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