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Discover HollandDiscover Holland

Discover Holland

For only 89 euroAt 10.00 am we will meet at the waterside of the Amsterdam Central StationBoat Terminal F 3 . Here we will take the boat to the beautiful Adam Tower, for a great and amazing Amsterdam City view from the tower. At 11.00 am we 'll take back the boat to Central Station, from where we will walk in about 1 hour and 37 minutesto the green area of Amsterdam, where the rabbits will greets us.On the Admiraal de Ruyterkade and de Piet Heinkade we will hear the story of De Ruyter and Piet Hein, including the story of monumental Pakhuis de Zwijger. We wave to Talpa TV from Big Brother and move forward to the Hampton Hotel for a toilet break. At 01.00 pm after this break we will have a picnic on the beach in the great green area of Amsterdam. At 02.30 we depart from the beach back to Amsterdam Central Station, where this tour stops.At the end of this tour, you will have plenty of energy from the great walk.You will know the history of Admiral de Ruyter, Piet Hein and William de Zwijger. You will be proud of yourself because you skipped the bussy city center for an eco/cultural tour.

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Discover Holland
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