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Where to visit in tajikistan?

Iskanderkul Lake, Khujand , Dushanbe , Pamir Highway, Karakul Lake, Tajik Pamir National Park, Pamir Mountains, Jisev Valley, Wakhan Valley, Murghab, Khorog 

Things to do in Tajikistan

  • Travel the Pamir Highway, the second highest international highway in the world.
  • Embark on a trek in the Fann Mountains, where craggy, arid, snow-dusted peaks reach up to the sky.
  • Visit the Abdullatif Sultan Madrasa in Istaravshan.
  • Take some time to enjoy the turquoise waters of Lake Sarez.
  • Explore the popular Monday Bazaar in Dushanbe for shopping.
  • Catch the perfect morning reflection at Iskenderkul Lake.

Best time to visit Tajikistan

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