• 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics
  • 7 Day Lithuania Latvia Estonia  Classical Baltics

Tour overview

Lithuania Latvia Estonia


Arrival in Vilnius, transfer to hotel, check-in and free time. OVERNIGHT: VILNIUS


Breakfast buffet. 09:00 Guided tour. Vilnius is famous for being the most baroque city in the Nordic Europe, for all these little narrow streets and for beautiful panorama with the numerous belfries. During the tour you will visit: Cathedral Square and the Cathedral, Castle Street, Town Hall square, Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit, St. Ann and Bernadine’s Church known as the Gothic corner of Vilnius, the Gate of Dawn with the holy image of the Virgin Mary, the Jewish ghetto, Vilnius University, Presidential Palace and the Sts. Peter and Paul’s Church, referred as the pearl of Lithuania for the dazzling white gorgeous decorations made by Italian craftsmen. 13:00 Free time for lunch. 14:15 Departure to Trakai. 15:30 Guided tour. Trakai is famous for its picturesque landscape and the Trakai Castle Island. The construction of the castle was begun by the Grand Duke Kęstutis and was concluded in the early 15th century by his son Vytautas. It was meant to be a fortress, and it has never been conquered by any invading force. In the 16th century, without the military and residential functions, the castle lost its importance and the visits of Grand Dukes became increasingly seldom. The Lithuanian Metrics that had been kept in the castle were moved to Vilnius in 1511, and the Island Castle became a prison for noblemen. The castle stands on a beautiful island, located on lake Galve which is the source of many legends and stories. Trakai is also known for the Karaimes, who have lived there since the 14th century and have preserved their traditions. 17:30 Return to Vilnius. Free time. OVERNIGHT: VILNIUS


Breakfast buffet. 09:00 Departure to Siauliai. 11:30 Guided tour. Stop at famous Hill of Crosses near Siauliai UNESCO site. Hill of Crosses – is one of the most sacred places not only in Lithuania, but also throughout the Baltic region. It is a hill, on which there are thousands of differently sized crosses and rosaries all over them. The story tells that in the end of 19th century people started putting crosses on the hill in the memory of unknown victims of rebellion against tsar of Russia. The tradition spread out and in the beginning of 20th century the hill became a sacred place for all Christians around the country. During the Soviet times government authorities tried to destroy the place, but each time the crosses arose again. Just before the dawn of independence special services stopped preventing people from visiting the hill. Today the Hill of Crosses is not only a religious symbol, but also a symbol of resistance. A place with so many crosses and devotion to faith and to motherland you won’t find anywhere in the world. 13:30 Free time for lunch. 14:45 Departure to Latvia. 15:45 Guided tour. Rundale Palace is known as the only surviving baroque style palace in the Baltic countries. During a guided visit you will discover the beauty and exceptionalness of a master work of the author of the winter place of St. Petersburg - F. B. Rastrelli. 17:30 Departure to Riga. OVERNIGHT: RIGA


Vilnius Riga
Breakfast buffet. 09:00 Guided tour. Riga is a city of big inspiration. While walking the streets of old town you will be able to feel that every corner of it is built by seeking perfection. During the tour you will visit: Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s church, guild houses that once belonged to the merchants of Hanseatic League, the Sweden gate, the ensemble of three buildings erected in the Middle Ages and often called the three brothers, St. Jacob’s church, Parliament House, the old Riga Castle, the Tower of Sand, Livu square, Latvian National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Art Nouveau district, the beautiful Statue of Liberty and the surrounding park with its water channels. 13:00 Free time for lunch. 14:15 Departure to Jurmala. Guided tour. Jurmala – the largest Latvian summer and health resort, only 25 km highway drive from Riga. The town is located on the coast of the Gulf of Riga and occupies a 32 km length coast line. With miles of sandy beaches, swaying pine trees and deliciously fresh air, eclectic architecture and plenty of fun, Jurmala is a resort like no other. Jurmala's reputation as a SPA destination began in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Intact and specially protected nature, clean sea and pine wood air. Unique architectural blend with everything from ornate timber cottages to giant Soviet concrete sanatoria and contemporary masterpieces. 17:30 Return to Riga. OVERNIGHT: RIGA


Breakfast buffet. 09:00 Departure to Gauja National Park. 10:30 Guided tour. Sigulda and Turaida – if you are willing to know Latvia better you must visit the Gauja National Park established in 1973. The park consists of various areas and the visited one is the historical that includes two little towns – Turaida and Sigulda and its surroundings. In Turaida we will visit the red-brick castle ruins and its best preserved defensive tower. Photography lovers and others willing to reach the observation deck of the defence tower will have to climb all 140 steps till the top to get a wonderful reward – panoramic view of the Gauja National Park. You will be left breathless, not from climbing, but from the surprise. The view will be worth every step – forests, meadows, hills, river Gauja valley and river bends till the horizon. After visiting the castle we will walk till the Hill of Songs dedicated to Cristobal Barons who in 19th century collected Latvian tales and songs and put them in a single book. We will find various sculptures by Indulis Ranka that represent different virtues of life found in those tales and songs. On the way to Sigulda we will visit the biggest cave in the Baltic States - the sandstone of Gutmanis. The place is also known as the Switzerland of Latvia because of the hills, forests and the narrow road. On the other side of river Gauja there is another town called Sigulda. Famous for bobsleigh track and a modern 19th century castle built by an aristocrat Kropotkin. By the modern castle we will find the old castle ruins, which belonged to the Crusaders. 13:00 Free time for lunch. 14:15 Departure to Tallinn 17:15 Stop at Parnu. Parnu has long history that started in 1251 when bishop of the Osel Wiek Hienrich established town of Perona, however, Parnu history museum hold exhibits of human instruments made 11,000 year ago including 8000 year old human sculpture made of an elk antler. In 1838 bathing house was launched and it marks the beginning of Parnu as resort town. There are numerous monuments in Parnu marking history of the town and the country, the main pedestrian Ruutli street filled with cafes and souvenir shops, picturesque quiet park and marina area. 18:00 Continuation of tour. 19:30 Arrival in Tallinn OVERNIGHT: TALLINN


Tallinn Riga
Breakfast buffet. 09:00 Guided tour. Tallinn is well known for its lovely Hanseatic old town and beautiful panoramic views. Visitors describe Tallinn as a very vivid city where old and modern combines in harmony; and buildings built from the local material – limestone. During the tour you will visit: the upper part of old town called Toompea: Alexander Nevsky Orthodox church built in 1900, the oldest country’s church Toomkirik built in 1233, the Estonian parliament and the upper part of the old town surrounding fortress walls and towers, two different viewpoints for panoramic views; lower part of old town: Town Hall, Merchant Guild Houses and a market of local handicrafts. 13:00 Free time for lunch. 14:30 Transfer to the outskirts of Tallinn. 15:00 Guided tour. Estonia’s ethnographic museum - Rocca al Mare - Estonia's ethnographic museum presenting country's ancient way of life. The museum is located in a lovely, well-maintained forest park on a high sandstone bank on Kopli Bay, just 15 minutes drive from the center of Tallinn. The museum is located just 15 min drive from the centre of Tallinn. The exposition presents 11 complexes with 72 farm buildings, church, tavern, school and windmills, all of them built in 18th-19th centuries. 17:00 Return to city centre. OVERNIGHT: TALLINN


Breakfast buffet. Transfer to airport of Tallinn.





2 nights hotel in VILNIUS Courtyard by Marriot

2 nights hotel in RIGA Tallink Riga

2 nights hotel in TALLINN Kalev SPA

PS 1: If These hotel lists not available at the time of your booking then we will arrange similar hotel for your group. If you prefer a Different category hotel, there might be an additional cost PS 2 : Reservations of specified hotels and other services depend on their availability on requested dates and prices might change.

Professional English-speaking tour guides
Professional English-speaking tour guides
Tour leader through the tour and local guides where needed according to the program for the excursions.
Every 21 people free of charge in a double room.
Entrance tickets to;
Lithuania: Vilnius University, Vilnius Cathedral,
Trakai Castle;
Latvia: Gauja National Park (Turaida Castle), Dome Cathedral), Rundale palace short route + gardens.
- Estonia: Nevsky church

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