Alpine Lake Sary-Chelek

In Bishkek, 7 days

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Turkish English Russian
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4 - 14
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Nomads Yurt

Sary-Chelek lake tour Kyrgyzstan offers you to nature and difference of lifestyle of south and north Kyrgyzstan. We will see the Too Ashu mountain pass that connects south and north Kyrgyzstan, a Toktogul water reservoir where we take the electricity and export it to neighboring countries. We will visit the Sary Chelek nature reserve and hear the story of 7 lakes, visit some of them, admire the beautiful nature, reload, to rest on the present.

Tour route map


Sary-Chelek, Osh bazar, Chychkan gorge, Toktogul, Bishkek, Suusamyr valley, Too ashu


Landing in the Manas airport in the city of Bishkek, receive visas, change currency, meet the local guide, arrive at the hotel, reception, organization in rooms and three hour-long refreshments and rest, eating lunch at a local restaurant where we will dine and become familiar with the national Kirghiz cuisine. At the conclusion of the meal, we will visit one of the most colorful and vibrant markets in Central Asia – the Osh Bazaar. Intoxicating smells, exotic colors and a magical oriental atmosphere. At the conclusion of the tour, we will return to the hotel for dinner and overnight lodging.

Lodging – 3 * hotel in Bishkek

Following breakfast we will leave from the City of Bishkek, ascending to a height of 3,400 meters above sea level in the Too Ashuu Mountain Pass. We will pass through tunnels 2.2 kilometers long. During the drive we will observe scenic views which only Kirghizstan can offer, reach the verdant Suusamyr Valley, rich in vegetation, animal life, yurts, and nomads, continue on to the Chychkan Gorge, halt for a noon picnic and the photography lovers will take pictures – they are guaranteed to be the most beautiful pictures taken on the entire tour.

lodgings – in a guesthouse in the village of Toktogul

Following breakfast, we will drive towards the Sary Chelek Nature Reserve. From there we will proceed to the Arkyt Village, located within there. We will reach the guesthouse and following the reorganization, we will embark on a light two-hour walk in the Nut Forest. At the conclusion of our walk, we will return to the guesthouse for dinner and nighttime lodgings.

Lodgings – Guesthouse in Arkyt Village

Once we finish breakfast we will continue driving to the Sary-Chelek Lake. During the ride, we will observe lakes of breathtaking beauty, stop for a swim and refreshments, have a picnic for lunch and then leave on a walk through the park. Towards the evening we will return to Arkyt Village for dinner and nighttime lodgings.

Lodgings – guesthouse in Arkyt Village.

Today we will play the national Chuko games, “Ordo”, “Bestash” after breakfast. Chuko is a calcaneus of lamb that mainly men are collecting and playing.

Ordo is one of the most popular Kyrgyz games that have come down to us since ancient times. “Ordo” means “khan’s headquarters, khan’s palace”. The game reproduces the battle to capture the stake. Ordo is a kind of military map, with the help of which the warriors were trained on how to defeat the enemy. A circle drawn on the ground meant the territory of the state, and the rivals worked out a battle plan. The knocking out of the khan meant the overthrow of the ruler from the throne. The game is based on the ability to conduct a correct domestic policy, being careful within the circle, that is, in power.

“Beshtash” is the game that was distributed in Kyrgyzstan.

Girls usually play, from 2 to 5 people. For the game, you need a small rug, 5 small round pebbles. The game includes several stages, differing in different ways of juggling stones. Each stage has its own name: “termei”, “zhymai”, “shakyldak”, etc.

Lunch and proceed to the Toktogul water reservoir then we will come to Toktogul Village for dinner and nighttime lodgings.

Accommodation: Homestay or guesthouse in Toktogul

Once we finish our breakfast we will proceed to the City of Bishkek. At its conclusion, we will leave on a nighttime tour of the city of Bishkek. After dark, the city changes its appearance and a pleasant romantic atmosphere prevails. The street lights and dedicated lighting in the city create together shadows and light which emphasize historical structures and monuments with unique architectural design, fountains and urban parks. The shopping and recreation centers begin to fill up with locals and adventurous tourists with a taste for exploring and carousing.

Lodgings – 3 * hotel in Bishkek

Early in the morning, we will leave to the “Manas” Airport, packed and stuffed with an incredible amount of genuine Kirgizstan experiences for our flight back home.


2 nights in 3 * hotels

4 nights in guesthouses

According to the number of people in agroup (Jeep, miniven, minibus)

Entry fees to all of the sites detailed in the program.

Mineral water


Local english speaking guide

Your personal expenses



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