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Welcome to Armenia, a country with thousand-year historical monuments that have become invaluable as a world heritage. The Classic tour from Travel Armenia includes several popular destinations, as well as a walk around the capital.

Route: Yerevan - Sightseeing tour in Yerevan - Tsitsernakaberd - Zvartnots - Etchmiadzin - St. Hripsime Church - Garni - Geghard - Yerevan


  • Garni temple is the only historical monument that has survived
  • destination is the monastery complex of Geghard
  • History Museum of Armenia
  • Lake Sevan
  • Mashtots Avenue, Theatre square, the French Square, the City Hall, the Presidential Residence, the Parliament.
  • the Republic Square
  • the monument "Mother Armenia
  • Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex
  • the temple of Zvartnots is in ruins
  • the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin


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Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as an official religion, but before that Armenia was a pagan country with a rich culture. They worshiped the sun god, the goddess of love and fertility, the god of war and had a whole pantheon of gods and goddesses. In honor of the gods, temples and sanctuaries were built, people made sacrifices and celebrated holidays. 

After the adoption of Christianity, all the heritage was lost. Garni temple is the only historical monument that has survived. The pagan temple is built in the classical Greek style, on a high basalt podium with steep steps. The walls and the cornice are decorated with ornaments, the columns are decorated with ornaments in the form of a grapevine. The temple was badly damaged during the earthquake. The stones were found in the gorge and restored. On the territory of the temple there are baths of kings with a unique mosaic tile and ruins of the fortress (II century BC)

From the Garni temple, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the gorge and the natural monument "Symphony of Stones". From the viewing platform stones look like a musical instrument organ.

The next destination is the monastery complex of Geghard. The monastery is located above the cliff, on the other side it is guarded by impressive rocks. The part of the monastery complex was carved in the rock. There are cave cells where the monks lived and prayed, the underground passage with the underwater stream. Locals believe the water is holy and it can heal. Wash your hands and face when you visit the monastery and take a bottle of holy water with you. It is said that the part of the spear that pierced Christ was kept in the monastery for a long time. Then the relic was transported to the museum of Etchmiadzin.

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Night in Yerevan.

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The History Museum of Armenia is located on the Republic square of Yerevan. The museum is the largest and most valuable storage of ancient finds from the territory of Armenia. Unique finds that prove the existence of prehistoric civilizations and the very first kingdom on the territory of Armenia are exhibited in two floors of the museum.

Expositions are divided into halls and epochs. On the first floor there are archaeological finds, on the second floor there is everything connected with the history of medieval Armenia. The National Gallery of Armenia occupies the last floors of the museum.

From the Republic Square we head towards Vernissage through a beautiful park. Try to ask someone "where to find souvenirs" and they will immediately show you the way to Vernissage. On Saturdays and Sundays Vernissage is always crowded. Here you can find a huge selection of souvenirs on national motives. Such a versatility of unique souvenirs may even confuse you and can end up with spending the whole day going up and down the bazaar.

We can organize an additional tour to Lake Sevan (the excursion includes a visit to the monastery of Sevanavank). The price of the tour for one person is 40$.

Night in Yerevan.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Walking through the streets of Yerevan, it is difficult to imagine that this year the capital is going to celebrate its 2800th anniversary. Yerevan is a modern European city, where everyone will find something interesting. In the daytime the city lives a full life, at night Yerevan completely transforms and under the night lights the city looks so romantic and mysterious.

The tour will take place along the central streets of the city, Mashtots AvenueTheatre squarethe French Square, the City Hallthe Presidential Residence, the Parliament.

The main attractions are located in the city center. The first stop is the Republic Square. In the center of the square there is an oval mosaic, buildings of pink tuff are located around the center. From the Republic Square along the Northern Avenue we head to the Opera and Ballet Theater. Northern Avenue is a new district of the city with architecture in the Art Nouveau style.

The next stop is the Cascade, an alley and a monument in the form of a huge staircase of milk tuff. The Cascade is popular with its valuable sculptures of modern art. The sculptures belong to famous artists including Fernando Botero, Jaume Plensa, Lynn Russell Chadwick, Jing Jong-Ho and others. From the highest span of the Cascade, you will enjoy the best panorama of the city and Mount Ararat. The Cascade leads to the upper part of the city. Going up the stairs and crossing the street you can get to Victory Park. Here is the monument "Mother Armenia", that is another symbol of Yerevan.

The final stop will be the Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex in the memory of the innocent victims of the Genocide in 1915.

We can organize an additional tour to Yerevan Brandy Factory (the excursion includes degustation of Ararat brandy in the cellars of the factory). The price of the tour for one person is 20$.

Night in Yerevan.

Breakfast in the hotel.

The Classic tour includes a visit to the religious center of Armenia and all Armenians. The road to Etchmiadzin passes through Zvartnots, the ruins of the ancient temple of the Bending Forces. In place of the Christian church there was a pagan sanctuary. After the adoption of Christianity, the sanctuary was destroyed and one of the first Christian churches was built. Despite the fact that the temple of Zvartnots is in ruins, one can see and realize the uniqueness and the level of development of medieval architecture. In the museum of Zvartnots there is a model of Zvartnots in its original form, as well as finds dating back to the times of pagan Armenia.

Next stop is the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin (303), the first built church in Armenia after the adoption of Christianity in 301. According to the legend, Christ appeared to Gregory the Illuminator and with the fiery hammer pointed the place of the Holy Cathedral. On that very place the first temple in Armenia was built. The name Etchmiadzin in translation means "the place of the descent of the only begotten".

At first the temple was a wooden structure, then a small stone church was built and was constantly being rebuilt. Now the cathedral is a richly decorated church with frescoes, ornaments and painted walls. On the walls there are painted scenes in bright colors from the Holy Scriptures.

In the cathedral there is a museum of "Treasures of Etchmiadzin". Here are stored the relics of John the Baptist, the apostles Thomas, Thaddeus, Bartholomew, Andrew the First-Called, part of the spear pierced Christ, part of the crown of thorns, a piece of Noah's Ark, a particle of the Life-giving Tree and many more valuable exhibits.

The church of St. Hripsime (VII century) is a part of the Etchmiadzin monastery complex and one of the temples dedicated to the virgins from Rome. The Church of St. Hripsime is built on the site of the execution of Christian virgins. King Trdat fell in love with her and wished to take her as his wife. Hripsime refused him and falling into a rage king ordered to execute the maidens including Hripsime. After death, all the virgins were canonized. Hripsime is buried in the crypt under the altar of the church.

Return to Yerevan.

Night in Yerevan.

Breakfast in the hotel.

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