• Samarkand Daily Tour
  • Samarkand Daily Tour
  • Samarkand Daily Tour
  • Samarkand Daily Tour
  • Samarkand Daily Tour

Tour overview

A trip to Samarkand, one of the most beautiful cities on earth, one of the oldest cities on earth, the equal city of Rome, Athens, Babylon. The poets and historians of the past did not dedicate Samarkand to such beautiful metaphors as the "Paradise Garden of the East", "The Priceless Pearl of the East", "The Decoration of the Earth", "Rome of the East".

The natural abundance of the Zarafshan River valley, where Samarkand is located, was praised in the poems of the book "Avesto". In the middle of the first millennium BC, the name of the city of Samarkand is mentioned in Greek sources as Marakand, and by the Middle Ages the ruins of ancient Samarkand were called Afrosiyob. During the trip to Samarkand you will visit the ancient ruins of Afrosiab. The first written source about the city of Samarkand dates back to 329 BC, when the city was occupied by Greek-Macedonian troops led by Alexander the Great (Alexander the Great). By the first centuries AD, the city had fallen under the rule of the mighty Kangyu state.

In the VI-VII centuries the city of Samarkand was under the control of the Turkish khanate and was ruled by the khanate. At the end of the 7th century - beginning of the 8th century, the city was conquered by Islamic armies and the people of the city converted to Islam. This conquest was a major impetus for a drastic change in the way of life of the people and the architecture of the city. All the historical monuments that we can visit during our trip to Samarkand are the historical monuments created as a result of the people's conversion to Islam and based on Islamic traditions.

In 1220, the city was captured by Genghis Khan's army and the ancient city was completely destroyed. From the 14th to the middle of the 15th century, Samarkand's economic, political, and cultural life changed dramatically, and the city became world-famous as the capital of a vast empire founded by the great commander Amir Temur, stretching from the Volga to the Ganges and from the Tien Shan to the Bosphorus. Amir Temur dreamed of turning Samarkand, the capital of his empire, into a beautiful city.

From his military expeditions to India, Iran, Syria, and the Caucasus, he brought to Samarkand the most skilled architects, jewelers, and scholars. Amir Temur was a creative artist, he supported artists and poets, thinkers and scientists. This character was later passed on to his grandson, Mirzo Ulugbek, whose observatory, star catalog and map, created five centuries ago, continue to amaze the world to this day. During the trip to Samarkand you will enjoy all the historical monuments of this miraculous city!


  • Visit Gur-Emir Mausoleum, Registan Square, Bibi-Khanum Mosque and Siab Bazaar,Visit Khazrat Khizr Mosque, Mausoleum of the first President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis and Ulughbek Observatory, Mausoleum of Saint Daniel. Visit the "Meros" paper mill in Konigil village


Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel in Samarkand. The tour begins with a visit to Ulugbek Observatory, where part of the sextant from the 15th century is preserved. Continue to Shakhi-Zinda Necropolis and remains of Bibi-Khanum Mosque. Walking through an alley with souvenir shops, you will reach the spectacular Registan Square which has been the center of Samarkand for many centuries. During sightseeing you will have a chance to visit the colorful Siab bazaar with stalls full of oriental sweets, local fruits and variety of freshly baked traditional breads. The last point of interest to be visited is Gur-Emir Mausoleum – the final resting place of Timur, a great emperor. End of the tour.





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