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What is better than an adventure is more adventure… The destination, the activity, and the excitement you will have at the end of the attraction determine the tour's kind. If the tour includes a high level of all those, then this means that you are on an adventure trip. The adventure branch is very popular among young people around the world. This type pushes them out of their comfort zone and gives them the confidence to explore new parts of the world, meet new people and cultures, and, of course, have fun. The meaning of the word "young" here only refers to how you feel, not age. Adventure trips can be classified as hard or soft. A high level of risky destinations and activities refers to hard adventures that require professional guidance services, an advanced level of skills and experience, of course. Climbing up to K2, which is the second-highest mountain on Earth, is a hard adventure trip. Mountain, rock, and ice climbing, as well as sky diving, are all difficult adventure activities. Soft adventure, on the other hand, includes less risky and dangerous destinations and activities. Activities such as canoeing, eco-tourism, and scuba diving can be listed below it. The highlight feature of this theme is the destinations. They will always be unusual, exotic, remote, and wilderness, either in hard or soft adventure activities. Most of the activities are outdoors here, so you can discover the earth’s magnificent views while you are testing your physical limits. According to the experts, this theme must include an overnight stay, which means that a daily tour is not going to be enough to be an adventure tourist. A long adventure trip is even better than a short one.

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With many Adventure Tours all over the world, it's hard to narrow down where to go and what to do. Our Travel Experts have hand-picked the top Adventure Tours you must add to your itinerary - there's no better way to delve into traditions, history and culture!




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