Antioch in Pisidia (Isparta)

Antioch in Pisidia is an ancient city that was considered to founded by the Seleucid Empire by Seleukos I or his son Antiochus I in 275 BC. It was founded for safety purposes against the Gauls in Phrygia and later became the center of eight Roman colonies in 6 BC. Today, it is situated in the Isparta Province, close to the Turkish Lakes Region. According to the resources, Paul and Barnabas came by the city while they were trying to spread Christianity in 46AD, and Paul gave his first sermon in the city. The city then became the center of the Pisidia Province and preserved its importance during the Byzantine Period. However, it was destroyed during the Arab attack in 713. Nowadays, the ruins of the Nymphaeum, Roman Bath, the Great Basilica, the Stadium, and the Theater can be visited.