Ayder Plateau

Ayder Plateau is located in the Camlihemsin district of Rize province. Its altitude is 1350 m and it was discovered by the inhabitants of Hala Valley in the 1300s. It is known as the plateau, but throughout its history, it has been used for rest rather than as a plateau. The main plateau of Hala villagers is Kavrun, Ceymakcur and Paakcur. While migrating to their highlands, they took a break in Ayder thermal springs. It has been on many travelers' lists for the past few decades as the area is full of pine forests, waterfalls, and meadows, and it is possible to explore the local life. Also, the country's cuisine is famous around the country. It can be visited between May and October. Moreover, rafting, trekking, angling, and ziplining can be done in the area.