Camlihemsin is composed of mountains and valleys situated at the high point in the Frtna Valley and has access to the Kackar Mountains. The elevation is around 300–700 m (985–2,300 ft) above sea level, thus waking up in the clouds is possible in this area. It rains all around the year, and the temperature moves between 7 °C and 25 °C. Here the locals are farming tea plants, working as foresters, beekeepers, and herding animals. It is possible to describe Camlihemsin as raw, still living in an original way thus the texture of the town is still original. For a few decades, the district has been popular among trekking enthusiasts because the Kackar Mountains have different difficulty levels of trekking tracks and are one of the most preferred ones in Turkey. It is possible to stay in local, vintage, wooden hotels, and "muhlama," from local cuisine, is the most tasty dish, which is fondue-type hot cheese, butter, and flour pudding. All shades of nature, from green to yellow, create magnificent landscapes both in summer and autumn.