Cimenlik Castle

Cimenlik Castle known as Kale-i Sultaniye, located in Canakkale, Dardanells. The castle was built between 1461-1462 by Mehmed the Conqueror to protect the Dardanelles on the Asian side, in front of Kilitbahir Castle. The castle was equipped with 30 cannons with a 1,250-meter gun range. Then strengthened by Suleiman The Magnificent during the Battle of Crete done with the Venetians and had renewed by Selim III during the Napoleonic Wars. It fulfilled its duty in Gallipoli Campaign WW1 and became British and French ships’ target. It got harmed by the artillery shell that was dropped from the British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth on March 18, 1915, today the artillery shell still can be seen on the ground where it was fallen.


The museum has a historical gunpowder building, which is now the Piri Reis hall, and a mosque in its garden. In the museum different sized cannons, artillery carriages, anti-tanks, mines, and the remains of a German submarine can be visited.