Column of Constantine

The Column of Constantine was steeped around 330 to the Forum of Constantine for the honor of Roman emperor Constantine the Great. For a while, it was the tallest column of all, - Trajan's Column and the Column of Marcus Aurelius- and occupies the second-highest hill of Istanbul that known as a 7 hills city… It has been known that there was an Apollon statue on the top of the column which is saluting the sun, then statues of Julianus and Theodosius and a cross were put on it. In the Ottoman period, the column was harmed in fire and earthquakes and have regenerated.


According to a myth, many holy relics brought from Jerusalem by, the mother of Emperor Constantine Helena were placed in a room under Çemberlitaş. Since 1985 Column of Constantine with other monuments in the Sultanahmet are listed in the Unesco World Heritage Site list.

Column of Constantine Column of Constantine Column of Constantine

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