Dervent Valley
Valley district

The fairy chimnies in Dervent Valley are not like others; they are reminiscent of various animals, such as the iconic one, which resembles a camel and is popular for selfies. The valley is named Imagination Valley because of the fairy chimnies that seem like animals, and at sunset, the valley appears pink, thus the second name comes from this aspect. Trekking and horseback riding tours are available here.


Before 50 billion years ago, Nevsehir was an inland sea that dried up due to volcanic activities in the region. Rivers and strong winds erode the rocks over time, resulting in the appearance of fairy chimnies. Because they all have various angles, they all have different shapes. At the same time, travelers referred to it as surreal artwork.

Dervent Valley Dervent Valley Dervent Valley Dervent Valley Dervent Valley

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