Eti Archaeological Museum

The Eti Archaeological Museum opened in 2011, but the museum dates back to the 1940s. The artifacts found around Eskisehir city were first gathered in the Alaeddin Mosque and later moved to the Kursunlu Mosque. Even though in 1974 a new building was built for the museum, it was inadequate for the collection. The new and modern building was opened in the city center in 2011. Artifacts from the archeological sites of Dorylaion, Pessinus, Han Yazilikaya, Kecicayiri, Hittiti necropolis, Demirci tumulus, and Kulluoba are included in the collection. Marble statues and figurines, architectural pieces, stelae, terracotta daily-use vessels, idols, beads, metal vessels, weapons, jewelry, coins, and many other artifacts are on display.