Firtina Valley

Firtina Valley is located in the Rize Province, between the districts of Ardesen and Camlihemsin. It is at the same time situated around the foothills of the Kackar Mountains, which have a 3937-meter altitude and one of the best trekking and camping routes in the country. The Firtina River is 68 kilometers long and passes through tea plantations, and historical arch bridges create dozens of large and small lakes and waterfalls along the way. It has a 23-km rafting route, and the flow of the stream is proper for rafting all year. Plus, sport fishing can be done in the river. Trekkers, campers, and nature enthusiasts are visiting the valley all throughout the year. In the summer, rafting competitions are held with the festivals, and both foreign and local rafting athletes are visiting the valley.