Gokceada (Gökçe Island)

Gokceada is Turkey's largest island in the Aegean Sea, with a 91-kilometer coast lined with nice beaches. There isn't much information about the region's ancient period, it can be said that in short the Latin Empire, Byzantines, and Ottomans reigned once. With the Treaty of Lausanne in the early nineteenth century, it became Turkis Republic's territory.


It is now one of the Cittaslow (slow town movement organization originated from slow food) regions with old churches (Tepekoy, Zeytinlikoy, Hagia Panaghia, and others...), beaches, and traditional laundries. The laundries are drawing attention in the town because; practically every town has one, and the tradition was that inhabitant women had one day to wash their clothes in the laundry, and then they bathed in the building, such as Hamam (Turkish bath).


Rock tombs, beaches such as Kaskaval, Kefaloz, Kuzuliman, and else, sail surfing, Turkey's first and only underwater national park Yelkenkaya are the other visiting places on the island.