Gumusler Monastery

Gumusler Monastery takes place within Nigde City’s borders; however, it is a 1-hour drive from Nevsehir. It is one of the largest monasteries in Cappadocia and a well-preserved sample of Byzantine art. Until it was rediscovered in 1962 by English archaeologist Michael Gough, it was lost.

The restoration started in 1963 and opened for visitors in 1973. The church is at the north of the complex instead of the west-east axis, plus it has an open courtyard that distinguishes it from the other monasteries in the territory. Around the monastery, there was a silver mine that took place once, which is why the Ottomans called it Gumusluk. Inside the church, scenes of Jesus Christ enthroned with two angels to his right, the symbols of the gospel writers, the moment of Deisis with Mary, the disciples, the fathers of the church, Basil the Great of Kayseri, Gregory of Nisa, and Gregory of Nazianz can be seen.