Hattusa (Bogazkoy) Archaeological Site

Hattusa is situated in the Bogazkoy district of Corum Province. It served as the capital between the second millennium BC and 1200 BC. The Hittites ruled the region from Anatolia to northern Syria and were significant emperors like Egypt and Babylon throughout antiquity. The capital, Hattusa, was discovered by Charles Texier in 1834, and this was the rediscovery of the Hittites, who were almost forgotten. The archeological digs for decades have unearthed the city wall, the iconic Lion Gate and King Gates, the Sphinx Gate, located in the middle of the city wall, and many other historical artifacts that can be seen in the Bogazkoy Museum in Corum today. The site has been included in UNESCO's "Memory of the World List" since 2001 and the "World Cultural Heritage List" since 1986. It is one of the most visited sites by history enthusiasts.