Hazzopulo Passage

Since it was built, the passage has been a business center for hairdressers, carpet makers, hatters, and tailors. Today, tea shops, coffee houses, bookstores, and haberdashery shops are located in the courtyard of the passage. Moreover, it was a kind of meeting place for the Young Turks during the end of the Ottoman era after Namik Kemal had printed his newspaper Ibret in the Hazzopulo Passage and been arrested with Mithat Efendi, owner of the printing house. It was built in the neoclassical style, with two and four floors. While the courtyard was paved with stones and pebbles, the interior floors were built with the Podima stones, which are brought from Yalikoy (Podima), the old Greek village in Catalca. It has three gates, and while two of them link it with the Istiklal and Mesrutiyet streets, the third one is for the Panayia Isodion Church.