Iassos Archaeological Site

Iassos is an ancient city that was founded by Argosians from the Peloponnese. The city, on the other hand, takes its name from their leader, Iasos. The city was once an island, but the isthmus where it meets the sea has been filled, and the island has turned into a peninsula. Today, the important buildings of the city are located on this island, which dates back to the 3rd century B.C. Fishing was a great life source for the Iassos people, hence, the city has a great, well-preserved fish bazaar. According to Strabo, the locals go to the fish bazaar when they hear the bell that signals the bazaar has opened, even while they are listening to a recital. The fish bazaar is now a museum, and archeological digs in the city that have been ongoing since 1960, and the agora and bouleuterion successfully unearth.