Izmir Archaeology Museum

The Izmir Archaeology Museum is the house of numerous artifacts that were collected from the ancient cities around Izmir, including ancient Symrna. It was first founded in 1924 in Saint Voukolos Church, which was an abandoned church at the time, and opened for visitations three years later with the name "Asari Antika Museum". It then moved to the National Education Pavilion in Culture Park in 1951. However, because of its large collection, it needed a new and larger place and move to its current building. The museum’s collection consists of the artifacts that were found during the archaeological digs in the ancient cities of Bayrakli (ancient Smyrna), Ephesus, Pergamon, Miletus, Aphrodisias, Clazomenae, Teos, and Iasos. It can be described as a regional museum rather than a local one, and it is a short walk from Konak Square.