Little Hagia Sophia Mosque - Istanbul Tour

Known as the name" Church of Saints Sergios and Bacho" designed by the architectures Isidoros of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles. In the Ottoman period, about the 19th century, it has been repaired turned into a mosque.


According to a myth, the church takes its name from an incident that was occurred in Eastern Roman Emperor Anastasius I Dicorus time.


There was a rebellion started against Emperor Anastasius I Dicorus and Justinian I who was a commander at that time, known as “the emperor who never sleeps”, it has been said that he was involved in the rebellion. By the emperor Anastasius I, he had been sentenced to death. However in his dream Saints Sergius and Saints Bacchus come into his dream and defend Justinian I, Saints convinced the emperor that he was innocent. Justinian I was forgiven and accede to the throne after Anastasius I, built the Little Aya Sofya to pay back his debt of gratitude for the Saints.