Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is situated in Adiyaman city, in the southeast part of the country at 2.150 meters altitude. It is both a part of the Taurus Mountains and its highest peak. Mount Nemrut is known for its enormous statues, which were erected in the 1st century BC, most probably as royal tombs by Commagenians. From these statues, a blend of Hellenistic, Persian, and the original art of Commagenians can be observed.

The king of Commagene Antiochus Theos, built his tomb temple on the top of mount Nemrud in 62 BC, near the statues of many Greek and Persian gods. His tomb was decorated with the figures of stone carving gods, like the head of an eagle, and the general arrangement of the statues is called his hierothesion. The statues that are located on the east and west terraces are the lion and eagle, as well as statues of Antiochos and goddesses. A lion horoscope is located on the west terrace, and it is made up of three stars with 12 rays that represent the planets Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. Most probably, it is the oldest horoscope in history. Recently on the east and west terraces Lion heads, thrones, and the heads of gods Apollo, Mithra, Helios, Hermes, Heracles, Ares, the Goddess of Kommagene (Tyche), and more can be seen. Most travelers prefer to visit the mount with the sunrise to see the statues shining with the sunlight and the stunning landscape.