Nuruosmaniye Mosque

Nuruosmaniye Mosque, an 18th-century mosque in Istanbul's Fatih district, was added to Turkey's tentative list of World Heritage Sites in 2016. Its dome is the 4th largest one after the other well-known mosques the Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque, and Fatih Mosque in order, and is where the Ottoman Baroque style can be explored best. Plus, it is surrounded by many shops, businesses, the Grand Bazaar, the Gazi Atik Ali Pasha Mosque, and the Column of Constantine. It was built in 1748–1755, which is the period when westernization tendencies began to emerge in architecture in the Ottoman region, by the order of Mahmut I. However, the construction was finished 3 years after his death in his brother Osman III's reign, and take the name "Nur-u Osmani", which means "The Light of the Ottoman Empire".