Pamukkale Travertines Pool

Pamukkale travertines and around the area was a location that Romans, Greeks, Persians, Phrygians, Luvans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans prefer to live in because of its thermal water resources. According to the ancient historian, Xenophon Persian King Darius had spent the winter of 401 BC here with his entire army to relax and heal the traumas of the war. Historical sources also mention that Roman emperor Hadrian spend time in Pamukkale travertines and Hittites were built a temple here 3500 years ago.


Pamukkale travertines and the ancient site Hierapolis is on Unesco World Heritage List since 1988. It has been known that the water on the Pamukkale travertines has a healing impact on the diseases cardiovascular stiffness, blood pressure, rheumatism, skin, eye, rickets, paralysis.


Watching the sunset, paragliding or hot air ballooning are the other alluring activities that can be done in Pamukkale.