Polonezkoy Cemetery

 Polonezkoy cemetery, called Adampol Cemetery, is a Polish cemetery in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. Founder of the village and leader of the community, Michal Czajkowski's wife, Ludwika Sniadecka, who died in 1866, was the first grave here and the oldest one. The coats of arms of the Republic of Poland (Poland–Latvia–Russia) and the Sniadecki and Czajkowski families are engraved on the marble sarcophagus of Sniadecka. In time community buried their other losts and the cemetery grow. The thin column on the tombs symbolizes an unfinished life. The most special aspect of this cemetery is that there are 270 graves belonging to the soldiers of the national uprisings and the wars fought under other banners for the freedom of their homeland.