Sahabe Tombs

The rest of them are people who were soldiers during the siege of Istanbul with them and in time people called them sahabe. Ebu Eyyub el-Ensari, known as Eyup Sultan’s Tomb, takes place in the center of the Eyup district, which is on the shores of Golden Horn, and hundreds of native and foreign visitors visit the site every season. The tomb of Ebu Seybetul Hudri, known as Prophet Muhammad's foster brother at the same time, is located in the Defterdar neighborhood, which is 25 minutes away from Eyup Sultan by foot.


Cabir B. Abdullah in Atik Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Ayvansaray district, Ebu’d-Derda in Eyup Sultan & Uskudar Karacaahmet, Ebu Zer el-Gfari in Ayvansaray Karabas district, Ebu Said el-Hudri in Kariye Mosque, and Amr b. el-s in Karakoy Yeralti Mosque and more than 20 sahabe tombs can be seen around the old city.