Serpent Column

Serpent Column is one of the oldest monuments that reach today from İstanbul’s classical period. Around 479 BC 31 Greek cities come together against the Persians in the Battle of Platea. When greeks defeat the Persians they melt the bronze spoils and design these 3 heads columns in which the Pythons are wrapped around each other and place it into the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi. The column is the retelling of the story that Apollon has killed the 3 headed snakes in myth. 


It has been accepted that the column has been brought to İstanbul by Constantine the Great to the new capital of the Roman Empire around the 4th century and it has been believed that it is protecting the city from insects and reptiles infestation. There is no reliable fact that how the heads got lost but one of it has been found by architect Fossati in 1848 while he was repairing Hagia Sofia. Now it can be seen in Istanbul Archeology Museum.  

Serpent Column Serpent Column

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