Soganli Open Air Museum (Yesilhisar Soganli Archaeological Site)

The region became a settlement in the Roman period and has been one of the centers of Christianity in Cappadocia since the 4th century. Its importance has grown in the 7th and 8th centuries. It is possible to see here churches similar to those in Ihlara-Goreme and Zelve Valleys, but the churches here have domes in addition. There are thousands of dovecotes, caves, and shelters that can be seen here. From the 50 stone churches built on tuff, eight can be seen with their inside decorations, which demonstrate scenes from the Bible with pictures of Jesus and the apostles. The churches Karabas, Kubbeli, Tahtali (Saint Barbara), Yilanli, Sakli, Tokali, Ballik, and Geyikli can be visited. Rag dolls, which originated locally, are popular for gifting.