Stratonicea (Caria) Ancient City

Stratonicea (Caria) Ancient City was known as Atriya during the Hittite period, Khrysaoris during the Archaic and Classical periods, Stratonikeia and Hadrianoupolis during the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods, and Eskihisar following the Principalities Period. Throughout history, earthquakes have damaged but not destroyed the city. It features a hippodrome design, which evolved during the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial Periods. Around 281 B.C., it took the name "Stratonicea" from Seleucid King Antiochus I's first stepmother and then-wife, Stratonice.


Professor Yusuf Boysal initiated the first scientific digs in 1977, which were continued by M. Cetin Sahin and, more recently, by Bilal Sogut. Erikli Church, Bouleuterion, Theatre, Roman Baths, West Street, Seljuk Bath, and more can be visited.