Termessos Ancient City

According to resources, the mythical founder of the city is Bellerophon, the greatest hero of Greek mythology before Heracles, and Homer, in the Iliad linked him with the Solims. According to Strabo, the Greek geographer, philosopher, and historian, however, Termessos’ were actually Pisidian people who called themselves the Solymi, motivated by the Anatolian god Solymeus, who transformed into Zeus later and caused to rise the cult of Zeus Solymeus. Around 333 BC, Alexander the Great surrounded the city to conquer it but was unable to do so because the city was located on the highs of the mountains, on the natural rock plain, giving the people of Termessos a military advantage.Arrian, the author of "The Anabasis of Alexander," the best resource about Alexander the Great's campaigns, had described Termessos as insurmountable due to its natural barriers and added that even a small number of military forces could easily defend it.  

Today the region is a national park with the name Mount Gulluk-Termessos- National Park and around the ruins, the city walls, Towers, King's Road, Hadrian's Gate, Gymnasium, Agora, Theatre, Odeon, Richly, decorated Tombs, cisterns and drainage system can still be seen with their magnificent view.